Things you shouldn’t store in your self-storage unit

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Basically, you can store almost anything in your self-storage unit but with a few restrictions. In order to protect not only other people’s stuff but the facility staff as well, some things are prohibited from being stored in a self-storage unit.

To be on the safe side, you better make a list of all the things that you would like to store in a unit and confirm with the facility owner if all the items on the list comply with the facility regulations.

Below is a list of items you shouldn’t put inside a self-storage unit:

  • Any hazardous or toxic material.

This is obvious but there are some things that you don’t even realize to be hazardous. Anything that contains gasoline or kerosene is definitely not allowed as well as some cleaning materials with alcohol content, cleaning solvent, corrosives, and paint.

  • Explosives.

Fireworks or anything that may explode when it comes in contact with spark or fire is not allowed in storage units.

  • Guns or any kind of weapon.

Although it may seem like they are completely safe to be stored in a self-storage unit, they are still not allowed for storage in those facilities because accidents may happen in which it may accidentally go off and ignite an explosion.

  • Radioactive

Radioactive material is especially dangerous because you may not know that you are already exposed to it. Never store them in self-storage units since these storage facilities don’t have the facility to protect the people outside of a storage unit with a radioactive item.

  • Perishable good

This is common sense but it is worth emphasizing that you should never place anything that s perishable in a self-storage unit that doesn’t have the specialty to handle perishable good. If you plan to store perishable goods then you should seek out a specialty self-storage facility.

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