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7 Reasons to Use PODS Containers

Long gone are the days when a huge 18-wheeler moving van was the most convenient and affordable solution for moving from an existing location to a new home. Before, the only other option available was to rent a large truck and drive the family belongings to its new destination. Now, families can use the convenience of PODS and remove the anxiety associated with moving.

PODS are portable moving and storage containers in small, medium and large sizes; built specifically to transport the family’s belongings across town or long distance. In business since 1998, PODS offers an innovative solution for packing and delivering family goods door-to-door.

There are seven specific reasons to use pods when moving household or business goods. These include:

#1 Three Different Sizes

PODS® containers are available in three different sizes: small (approx 20.4m3) medium (approx 10.5m3) and large (approx 27.6m3). This provides the homeowner the opportunity to choose the PODS container (or containers) that best suits your needs. Each size is priced accordingly to fit any budget.

#2 Slowing Down the Process

Unlike traditional moving day when the movers arrived, or the homeowner picks up a truck, a PODS container is dropped at the home, with or without a scheduled pickup date. This allows the homeowner to pack or unpack all items on their time schedule, at your own pace, relieving much of the pressure associated with preparing for the move.

#3 Easy Transport

PODS does the driving for you! When using a traditional moving service, it is imperative that the family gets to the new destination before the moving truck arrives. When renting a moving truck, the family must quickly load up the van, drive it to their new destination then quickly unload their items to return the vehicle. Alternatively, PODS offer easy transport where the PODS collect your up the container, move it to the new location and deliver to the driveway of the new home, all on the family’s timetable.

#4 Storage Options

PODS provides a variety of storage options. Once the container is ready for pickup it can be stored in one of the secure Storage Centres or onsite at your own location. It can be stored for weeks, months or years at a time for the ultimate convenience.

#5 Security

PODS containers are built to be weather resistant and durable. With a solid lock and key, PODS offer a high level of security for all the family’s goods. The PODS container remains fully secured during transport and delivery; and only you have the key to access the contents of the container.

#6 No Shifting

PODS delivery and pickup trucks are fully equipped with their proprietary hydraulic lift system, designed specifically to minimize any shifting of the contents it contains. The truck will lift the PODS container straight up, avoiding tipping or rocking its contents.

#7 Affordable Convenience

In addition to the high level of full-service convenience, PODS are highly affordable. PODS offers quick delivery and pick up on the homeowners timetable, where it can be delivered or stored when scheduled.

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