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How to pack your Removalists Box to the brim

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When packing for a move or just to transfer stuff to your self storage unit, we mostly use boxes to keep everything in and to keep things organized. Oh packing your stuff into boxes is actually a challenge especially if there are just too many things to pack and so little space in a tiny box. Have you ever wonder how the supermarket crew get to maximize all the space in a single box for all your groceries? Well, we will be letting you in on their secret. There is actually a technique to it, here are some of tips that will help you get the hang of it.


The right size for the right items


You can’t possible have everything in the same size. Your stuff in your house does vary in size thus we suggest that you collect various sizes of boxes as well. Try to estimate how much items you will be putting in each box them choose which one will fit everything in without too much extra space.



The same box for the same items


You have loads of clothes, loads of kitchenware and even loads of books, the techniques is to make sure that you try to fit them all in one box. One box for the books, another for the china, another for the flatware and another for the clothes. Not only will this help with organization but you’ll also be secured that no item will be damaged during the whole duration of the storage.



Think of it like a puzzle or Tetris


If you have played Tetris or puzzles then you already know what we mean here. Think of how they will best fit in the box without too much bumps and empty spaces in between.


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