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Moving and storage supplies

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Is it always a headache having to move from one house to another? Don’t know where to start when preparing for a move? Before you throw all your stuff in a huge cardboard box look into this list that we have created to help you pack your stuff more effectively and properly. This ensures that you get to maximize the space that each box provides while making sure that your stuff will be damage free.


You can add extra protection to very fragile items by wrapping them in paper thus you better start saving those newspaper a few month before the move.

Packing tape

Who packs without a packing tape? It ensures that your stuff will not go tumbling down in case your boxes are tilted.


Boxes are more efficient in moving as compared to bags thus if you have plenty of them at your house; opt for using them instead of bags. You can also easily label them for easier organization. Although you can always use those used boxes sitting around your garage, you may need to buy new ones that will hold heavier and more delicate items.


You don’t have to carry your heavy boxes to your car; you can always make use of carts while loading your stuff onto the car or truck. Dragging can cause too much friction on the underside of the box making it thinner and fragile for the load it’ll have to endure when you lift it up.

Bubble wrap

If you have those precious porcelains that are just too fragile, bubble wrap can save the day. Pack them in bubble wraps so you can move with your porcelain pieces in one piece. Picture frames and mirror can also benefit for bubble wraps.

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