Moving Interstate Checklist – Some Things To Keep In Mind Before Moving To Another State

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Anyone who has ever moved houses knows it’s actually such a hassle, but it really doesn’t have to be that way. There are actually many companies out there that can help you to move from one state to another in a manner that’s truly hassle-free. From our end, we would like to share our moving interstate checklist so you can keep track of the things that need to be done prior to the moving date.

* The Moving Company

Call a moving company six to eight weeks before the day you move. Have a company representative visit your home and give you an estimate. When working with a mover, it’s either you do the packing or you have experienced packers do the work for you.

We’re not going to tell you to do this or that, but we are going to tell you to make it easy on yourself – moving to another state can be stressful if you have too many things on your plate.
Make sure to disclose everything that needs to be moved to the representative. Items that are added on moving day increase your cost, even if you’ve been given an estimate. Call the movers three days before the moving date to confirm. Inform your agent if there are any changes in the items or if there are stops that need to be made.

* Post office and people to notify

Notify the post office about your plan to move to another state. You can fill up a Change Of Address form on the official website of the US Postal Service.

Prepare a list of contacts, businesses, friends and relatives that need to be notified about your change of address. These include the utilities companies (electricity, gas, etc.), doctors, etc.

* Disposing unnecessary items

Hold a garage sale or use an auction website to dispose of unwanted things. For unwanted clothes and household goods, you can donate them to charitable organizations. Get receipts showing the approximate value of your donation so you can enjoy tax deductions.

* Perishable items

Use all the food items in your cupboard and refrigerator and buy only items that will be consumed just before you move.

* Disposing of flammable items

Federal law requires you to dispose of any flammable items like poisons, ammunition, aerosol cans, chemistry sets, matches, cleaning fluids and fireworks before moving to another state.

* Disconnection of utility services

Set a date for a technician to come and disconnect all the utilities like the water, electricity and the gas. If it’s possible, have the services disconnected only after moving day.

* Plants and pets

Decide on what you’re going to do with your plants and pets. Are you going to keep them or give them away to relatives and friends? If you decide on keeping them, find out what the regulations are in your new state about keeping pets and plants.

* Appliances

Unplug all your appliances 24 hours before you move, except for plasma televisions so they will be at room temperature on the day you move.

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