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Packing for a Move The Easy way

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You probably would have moved twice to three times your entire life and could you just remember how tiring, stressful and exhausting it was? They actually shouldn’t be as stressful as you think! With proper planning, a few days of preparation and some tricks with packing your stuff, moving should be easy breezy.


A good way of packing your clothes is to roll your clothes. It takes not that much space and lessens wrinkles. You also have the option to use spac bags. It doubles the amount of clothes that you can fit in a box. All you have to do is fold your clothes, put them inside the space bag, use a vacuum cleaner to suck all the air inside and you have a flattened out closet in front of you. Or if you don’t have to be all glamorous about it, you can either use boxes or laundry baskets to move them!

 For the appliances and huge items

If you are short in time and you really have to move in such a short notice then you better rent a storage unit close to your new home. Dump some of your big stuff there before the actual move to give you some room to move around the old and new house, and then slowly move your appliances to the new house.


Source them, don’t buy them. There’s a great possibility that you wouldn’t use them again thus it’s a waste to buy a lot of them for just a move. Ask around, look into commercial spaces and ask them if they have boxes that they no longer need.

Packing materials

Use newspapers, used grocery bags and used books for packing your stuff. You don’t have to buy bubble wraps unless you will have to ship your items to your new house or your items are just very fragile.

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