Prepare your Moving Checklist Today

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Moving is a process. It is not something that you do overnight. It needs preparation and this can take months (Well if you have all the time in the world then probably a week without sleeping would do). But kidding aside, moving can be troublesome and a headache for those that did not have the right amount of time to prepare for everything. Thus if you are in the midst of deciding when the moving day should be, think about the amount of time you can dedicate for the whole preparation. That would help you in deciding when you should move and how you should prepare while the moving day closes in.

First things first.


A checklist enumerates everything that needs to be fulfilled before and even on the day of the move. To construct your checklist properly, you have to know what needs to be done first. Write down everything that has to be done such as the cleaning up the garage and classifying the stuff in your storage unit into those that needs to be store and those that needs to be given away.



Two Months


If you have two months before the move, start by emptying your closets and cupboards to get rid of those that you don’t need any more and those that can be donated. This will also be a good time for you to start familiarising yourself with the area where your new home will be.



One month


Make a huge list of all your stuff. List even the smallest of them. Make it as detailed as possible. It would also be helpful if you de-clutter and choose which of your item needs to go and which ones need to be replaced. It might be best to shop for new appliances and furniture once you get to the new home though as the new items might add to the amount of stuff that you’ll have to be delivered to the new home.



Day of the Move

Handout the list of your items along with the box where they are packed to the removalists should help you get going. You should also orient them to the route that they should take as well as how they should put your boxes inside the new home.

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