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The Advantages Of Moving During The Winter Months

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Moving from one location to another is best done during the winter since the demand for moving services are generally lower during this time. There is always a trade-off however, as colder weather always makes events like this more difficult to handle. Prices should be lower, whether you rent a truck yourself and pack and load your own items, or whether you hire a moving company. There are some details that you will need to be aware of for your winter move.

Plan in advance for cold, by laying aside enough warm clothing to protect yourself from the winter cold. You don’t need to have someone in the family getting sick or catching a cold during the move. Also make sure that your new home has a furnace that is working properly because when you move in, you don’t need to have a faulty heating system at the height of winter.

Before the moving crew arrives at your house on the big day, be sure that all of your walkways and your driveway are shovelled clean and that there are no slick spots where someone could slip and fall, and injure themselves during the move. You certainly don’t want to have any accidents which could make you liable during this move.

Keep spare salt and snow shovels in your car, because you may need these tools at your new home as well for the same reasons. Cover the floors and carpeting of the house to keep from tracking snow, slush, and mud into your homes at both ends during the loading and unloading of your belongings.

Prepare some warm drinks and coffee for the moving crew, as they may need to take breaks every so often. You can prepare some hot chocolate, hot tea, or hot apple cider for refreshments.

Check your vehicle, and make sure that your antifreeze is up to date, as well as the other fluids. Check the tire pressure, as the pressure tends to be a little less in colder weather, and air may need to be added. Make sure that your car will start in the cold, and if the temperature gets down to zero, place a lamp under the hood to keep the battery warm.

Keep an emergency kit in the car such as a flashlight, a first aid kit, maps, water, and some snacks for the road. Plan ahead for as many details as you can, and when you arrive at your new home you can look back upon a successful winter move.

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