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Tips to cut down and save money while moving

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There are a lot of expenses connected with moving a house. The cost of the new home, employing a professional home inspector and a home stager if you need one is just a few of these financial burdens that you will have to face. Especially for those that are on a budget, saving up a few bucks and to not have any unnecessary costs to cover on the day of the move is something that they would expect. A new house is always an investment and if you did not plan it carefully then you will be left to pay up more than what you have expected. Just like any other investment. A new property and the process of moving into it come with a few additional expenses. It is up to you how you will handle it and how you will cut your costs.


Moving boxes


You might think a moving box does not cost that much but if you will be using a lot for the move then you will realize that 45 moving boxes do cost a lot. The thing with moving boxes is that even though they are recyclable, there is a good chance that you will not be using them again. Instead of spending a couple of hundreds of dollars on new moving boxes it is much efficient and cost effective to borrow boxes from your friends and family, reuse the packaging of old appliances and furniture and to ask for those cardboard boxes that retailers use for their merchandise.



Pack and segregate


While packing your stuff, evaluate their value to you. Decide whether you still need it or you can give it away. It will not only decrease your clutter but it will also help you determine if you really need a moving truck to assist you for the move or your friend’s pickup truck will do.


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