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Tips to Properly pack Fragile Kitchenware and China

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We can never have enough kitchenware. And most of the time, we don’t usually use it. We leave it stored away until the special occasions that we need to use it. Each kitchenware should not be put to storage without proper planning first. This applies most especially when you need to store them in your self storage unit. They need proper packing and efficient stacking to ensure that no kitchenware or china would be broken. Here are a few tips that would help you pack it properly.


·       For fragile items it is better to wrap them individually with packing paper.


·       Store cups and glasses at the bottom of the dish pack.


·       Line the bottom of the boxes with foam and crumpled paper before laying the glasses inside.


·       Use layers of protection for your china. After wrapping them individually, add a cardboard and crumpled paper in between each china.


·       Layer each china flat over one another.


·       Use specialized foam on top of all the fragile items before securing each box with packing tape.


·       Do not use newspapers to wrap anything with because the ink may rub off. You don’t want the fabric of your antique lamp reflected with the headlines on the newspaper.


·       Disassemble lamps, taking off the shades, light bulb and base.


·       Roll the cables properly and secure them with cable ties.


·       There are specific carton boxes that are meant for packing mirrors or picture frames. Use them to ensure that they are protected. Remember that each carton is used only for one item. If you need to store more than one mirror, better get a few.


·       Make sure that you mark the top end of each box. Tumbling them over could break them.



When packing fragile items, enjoy the luxury of knowing that you have such precious items. Do not waste them with improper packing that could ruin them.


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