Worry Free Moving Day Checklist

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Moving can be the most hassle-ridden task one must one in order to be able to settle in a new home. That is the case if you don’t have enough time to prepare and if you don’t have the right knowledge to prepare for it.

To help you a bit on your moving day, here is a list of things that will help you move all your stuff into your new house without the hassle.

1. Cross out the pickup date

Especially if you have hired movers to pick up your stuff, you better be there to supervise them. If you wouldn’t be around, ask someone that you can trust to look after the movers. There’s nothing with being a little extra careful. If you have asked them to pack your things, they will provide you an inventory of everything. Go over the list and check if everything is correct. This is to safeguard your items and to make sure that they would be liable if something in the list is lost or damaged.

2. Parking

Check your new home if the truck you’ll hire can fit into the parking. It’ll be a hassle to you and the movers to have to walk a distance with heavy loads. If you are moving into an apartment in a high rise building, talk to the owner about the move and arrange a space for the truck to park and unload.

3. Floor Plan

Since you have an inventory of your items and an idea of how the new home looks, it would be very helpful if you create a floor plan of how you will design it. It can be a rough sketch of where the sofa would be, where the bookshelf will go, where to long table would be put. If you must, label the items on your plan and the actual pieces. Provide a copy for your movers and brief them about how the floor plan is. You wouldn’t have to shout every now and then and no sofa in kitchen.

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