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How to find the best storage facility for your needs

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There’s just not enough space all the time. Well you probably do have enough when you first moved in to your house but remember how awfully crowded your previous house was? That’s definitely what we’re talking about here. When it comes to self storage units it all goes down to what you really need, what you could afford and what can store all your items. You have to find at least two if not all these qualities in one self storage unit. Let’s walk you through some of the ways that we found very useful when it comes to choosing the self storage facility to get services from.

The size

Self storage companies have expansive knowledge on what size you should get for your stuff. Some have provided online tools and calculators to help you decide. It’s a matter of knowing how much items you need stored.

Hidden charges

Before signing anything, before having yourself registered to a self storage unit, take the liberty to ask about a breakdown of their fees. Look into them carefully and inquire about hidden fees. There are some fees that some self storage facilities do not disclose initially and it can be up to you to find out about them. Choose which one offers the best prices without outrageous hidden fees.

Promotional offers

With the rise of self storage companies almost everywhere, competition has become tougher and you have to be aware that to keep up to their competition they will introduce promotional offers. Inquire about them. Negotiate what benefits you can get from availing their self storage subscription plans. It’ll maximize the things that you could get from the facility, such as a bigger unit for half the price or an air conditioned room for the price of a non-air conditioned.

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