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Get the most out of your self-storage

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De-cluttering or moving house can be quite a stressful experience. If this is the first time that you have rented a self-storage unit then the following would help you in making the most out of your unit.

1. Make a detailed list of what is stored in your self-storage unit.

Storing a lot of things away from your home can be quite a task and rummaging through it when you need to find something is not an easy task. We recommend that you keep a detailed list of everything that you’ll store in it. You may even put a description of where you have put just to make things easier when the times comes that you need to take it out of the storage.

2. Pack only those that you rarely use.

It makes perfect sense that you store only those that you rarely use in your household. You might waste a lot of time having to go to and from your storage unit every time you need to get something.  You shouldn’t store something that you use every week but something you use once a year or seasonal.

3. Choose your self-storage unit size based on your storing requirements.

Think about how long you want to use that storage and for what items. You might want to get a larger storage unit for a long term storage space and a smaller one if it’s only temporary. A larger storage unit will make it easier for you to move around the unit and a smaller unit will be able to fit everything you need.

4. Pack your stuff to make sure that you preserve its integrity.

Make sure that you store your items to preserve its integrity. Wrap breakables in tissue papers, bubble wrap or popcorns.

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