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Keeping your storage clean & Keeping your items damage free

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It’s not enough to keep your self storage organized, it is also crucial for you maintain the cleanliness of your unit. Walking into your home’s ancient attic will be the future of your storage unit if you do not exercise the habit of cleaning it. Dirt, moisture and mould can get the most of your stuff. Here’s to help you clean your storage unit.

Clean out the storage before moving in

The first thing that you have to do when moving into a new storage unit is to clean the unit spotless. Sweep it or vacuum it: This way any dirt, moisture or debris that could build up is eliminated.

Make sure that everything is moisture-free

Moisture is the protagonist of damage. Whenever you’ll be storing an item that has the potential of adding moisture into the unit take the time to ensure that you have wiped them out dry, air dried for a few days and wiped out again before putting them inside the unit. It would also help that you leave the doors open for continued flow of air into the appliances. This will prevent moisture build up and the occurrence of a musty smell.

Dust stuff before storing them

You are the only source of dust and dirt in your storage unit. You bring the dirt in and if you don’t take the time to get rid of the dirt you have carried into the unit, it will just continue on building up. You might think that a thin layer of dust isn’t harmful but if you neglect it today, you’ll continue on neglecting it until there is already too much that the build up has already seeped into your items. Make it a habit to wipe everything off before actually putting it inside the unit. Sweeping every once and a while would also be helpful.

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