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Self-Storage Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Just like before you purchase something you might have a few questions on your mind about renting out a self-storage container or unit. And we’re here to help! Following is a list of common questions we have heard from some of our potential clients and from those who actually rented out a storage unit. Please Read through and we hope that they would be able to help you out.

How does the Self-storage container works out?

It basically works like renting out a self-storage unit but the only difference is you have the option to bring the container home! Once you don’t need it anymore we could come pick it up for you. It’s that easy!

How should I prepare my stuff for the move?

We highly recommended that you pack your stuff in moving boxes that are in the same sizes a few days before the actual moving day. It’ll ensure that you have ample time to pack all your stuff and you wouldn’t have to scrimp on time when the moving day comes.

How Do I find stuff in my Self-Storage unit?

When it comes in organizing your stuff, it actually depends on what suits you but what we do recommend is instead of labelling a box of what room the things inside came from, we suggest that you also put a list outside of what’s inside and keep a record book for all of the things that can be found on your self-storage unit. This makes it easier for you to look for something.

What makes self-storage units secured?

Each self-storage company has their own security system setup on their storage facilities. Some have strict access system coupled with 24 hour monitoring of the facility. Make sure that you check their security system before jumping into renting out a unit.

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