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Traditional or Mobile Storage

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One of the things that make self storage very appealing to the public is its straight on functionality: the added storage. With its popularity, variations have surfaced. Now there is generally two types of self storage: The traditional and the mobile one. The traditional self storage is the kind where you go to the self storage facility and keep your stuff there. The mobile one are those wherein the company offer to bring you a container that you can either keep at home or let them keep at the self storage facility (with them sending it to you and fetching it). They both have similarities and differences. Let’s look into them:

• Comes in different sizes.
• Preferences on access can be established depending in the person who rents it.
• Can be climate controlled.

• In mobile self storage, you can opt for those storage units that can be brought to your house and then taken back to the self storage facility by the company.
• Although both types can be climate controlled, traditional self storage units are considered much better when it comes to this kind of storage.

Now that we have delved into their similarities and differences, we now proceed into their pros and cons. Both of them do serve their purpose but in a somewhat different way. Although mobile storage is highly accessible since they are just one call away, you have to have a space to put them in while you store your stuff in it. If you live in a condominium or an apartment, space can be highly limited and you might not have an area to put it first while you fill it with your items. Another concern is that storing fragile items in a mobile storage is counterproductive. The transport can be a hazard and putting something fragile in this type of storage is risky.

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