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Useful tips when storing Special Items

 In Storage

On one occasion or another, you might need to store an item that requires special care. Here’s to help you take extra precaution when storing these kinds of items in your self storage unit.


Paintings can deteriorate if they are not protected before long term storage. Make sure that you use professional packaging products such as bubble wrap. It would also be beneficial to use a fitting box for it. IT should also be stored standing upright and not in direct sunlight (if there is any flowing into your unit). These tips can also be applied to storing mirrors and windows.


When storing appliances, check for the batteries. They most often leak out when left on devices for too long. This may damage your stuff thus you better make sure that the batteries are removed before long term storage.

Computers and electronic devices

Computers and other electronic devices are always ideally stored in their original boxes. If the original packaging is no longer available, then a fitting box and bubble wrap should be sufficient. Make sure that you line the insides of the box with a layer of foam to add protection. If you just don’t want your item to be damaged, you may also get in touch with the manufacturer of your device and ask how your computer is best stored.

Vehicles and Machinery

Before storing machineries or vehicles, they should be drained of oil and gas. This is to reduce the risk of any leakage issues and fire hazards. Gas will always be flammable regardless of the amount of time it is stored.

Never to be stored items

Although you can actually store just about anything that you want in self storage units, there are still limitations as to the nature of some items that you can store in your unit. These include:

  • flammables
  • Illegal goods such as drugs and guns
  • Stolen items
  • Any hazardous items

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