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Ways to organize your stuff without spending

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Whether it is for a Christmas gathering, a simple celebration or just a few friends over; organizing your home to accommodate some guests into your house is no easy task. You might think that buying containers to organize your stuff is the way to go, you are mistaken. You don’t have to buy stuff and containers to organize your stuff. Let us show you how:

Store your clothes like books in a bookshelf

Remember that video with a woman filling a suitcase with twice as much clothes folded on its side than it is folded flat. Like books on a bookshelf, think of your drawer as the bookshelf and your clothes as the books. It makes it easier for you to know which shirt, dress of shorts it is that you need and it’s also a lot neat to look at. Another great thing about this? If your luggage is jut about the same size, then you don’t have to fold your clothes when you need to pack for a vacation, just transfer them and go.

Keep all stuff in one category in one space

Store stuff that you use altogether in one accessible place. Display your stuff in your rows if you can, your jewelleries laid out flat and your makeup palettes flat as well. Makes it easier for you to see which palettes contain which colours and which jewelleries you have.

Just like how stores do it

Think about how pretty clothes are displayed in stores. If you have the space to emulate that then don’t be afraid to do so. Store your underwear just how stores does. This would be very effective to help you instantly see which items you have at the moment.

Roll blankets

We have encountered that problem too. The solution? Roll your blankets and the case of falling blankets will be solved.

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