Save with PODS

*Discount provides free initial delivery, return to storage centre, re-delivery and final pickup.  

SAVE 10% When you move LOCALLY

For local storage and moving, take 10% off your initial delivery and first month’s rent.
Choose PODS when you’re moving across town and move on your schedule.

Use promo code SAVELOCAL

Store 3 Months or More & SAVE $100

Whether you’re storing while between homes or just need more space, PODS has an offer for you!
Use PODS and store in our storage center for three months or longer and the delivery is on us.

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When you need an offsite or onsite storage solution; or moving across town, across the state or across the country, PODS allows you to take all the time you need to load and unload your belongings. Never be restricted to moving in one day again!

A smarter way to move and store

The PODS revolution began over 14 years ago in the USA with the simple idea of helping people move and store their belongings more easily by delivering a mobile storage container to them. The PODS team developed and patented a unique hydraulic lift and transport system dubbed PODZILLA. The lift is designed to reduce shifting of the contents while the container is being loaded onto the PODS truck for transportation. the PODZILLA is delicate enough to deliver a container within metres of your door.

So whether you are moving or storing personal belongings or business equipment, we have the right answer for you.

How PODS® storage and moving containers work

  • We Deliver

    We bring you a PODS container, available in 3 convenient sizes and place it at ground level ready for easy packing and loading.

  • You Pack

    You pack the PODS container at your own pace, or let our professional packing partners do all the work.

  • We Move

    We pick up your container and move you across town or interstate.

  • We Store

    Safe and secure at one of our Storage Centres, short or long term. Or store it at your premises, great solution for renovators.

Local and Long Distance Moving

We bring the PODS moving container to you so you can pack it at your own pace or we can arrange to have a team of professional packers for you. Your packed PODS container can be delivered local or long distance to your new location, or we can store your belongings between moves in one of our secure local Storage Centers.

Storage – At Your Place or Ours

With PODS, the storage comes right to you, but rest assured, should you choose to keep your things at one of our Storage Centers, they’ll receive the best and most secure treatment available.

Decluttering and Home Staging

Home staging can mean the difference between selling your home fast and keeping it on the market for months. No matter the real estate market, home staging is a wise move to get the best return on selling your home.

Home Renovations and Remodeling

Whether it’s a large renovation project, small remodeling project, or simply a floor refinishing, PODS has the right storage container size to store all of your belongings while you complete your home improvement project.

Ready to move?

Need Storage?


With just one call our experienced Customer Care Representatives can arrange all your local and interstate moving and storage requirements, insurance cover, packing supplies and professional packers if required. Moving is stressful but PODS can ease the pressure with our secure, convenient and cost effective easy moving and storage solution. Call 1800 467 637 or get a quote online now.


We’ll deliver a PODS container to your driveway, take as long as you need to pack and unpack with easy ground level loading.

Safe and Secure

PODS containers are strong, secure and weather resistant. A durable, lockable roller door protects your belongings, giving you peace of mind, whether the container is stored onsite or in one of our clean, secure Storage Centres.

Affordable and Cost Effective

PODS has 3 different sized containers available to accommodate different requirements. The PODS containers are packed and unpacked once only saving you time and money.

You are in control

With PODS, you have control of your belongings and the whole process. Everything is done on your schedule. And no one has access to your things but you.