Moving but Don’t Know Where to Start?

Our portable storage solutions take the stress out of moving house. Have our Preferred Packing Partners load up your PODS® container for you and take all the hard work out of moving. Our AusPODS Moving and Storage Specialists can help connect you with the best Packing Partner for you.

AusPODS Preferred Packing Partners

Whether you need a hand with your heavier items to reduce your risk of injury, loading everything into your PODS container, or want someone to take care of everything with a full-scale packing, packing, loading and unloading and unpacking service, our PODS Preferred Packing Partners can help.


The Packing and Moving Company — Brisbane

Mini Movers — Brisbane

GC Removals — Gold Coast

Richards GC Removals — Gold Coast

New South Wales

Access Furniture


Professional Furniture Movers

South Australia

Mathew’s Removals

Complete Removals

What Our Preferred Packing Partners Do

We have all heard horror story after horror story of questionable removalist companies doing questionable jobs. Whether they broke a priceless vase, lost a family heirloom or scratched up a brand-new velvet couch, choosing the right packing and loading service is crucial to a stress-free move. PODS makes is easy to guarantee you perfect pack every time with our PODS Preferred Packing Partners. We can connect you to the best in the biz when it comes to packing and loading, so you can rest assured that your PODS container is packed by the experts.

A recent ING survey showed that over half of Aussie movers were frustrated with the process of moving, with over a quarter of these saying that broken items were what got them riled up the most. At PODS, we’ve heard your concerns and we’ve listened! Along with our patented PODZILLA system to keep your belongings levelled and safe, our list of Preferred Packing Partners makes it easier than ever to leave it to the experts.

How to Use Our Preferred Packing Partners

When you’re getting ready to move house, your focus is on a myriad of other things — as it should be. Whatever the circumstances, it’s likely the actual process of moving is far from the forefront of your mind. PODS containers take the stress out of getting your belongings from A to B, but now we can help you through every single stage of the process. We’ll help get your belongings from their carefully positioned spot atop the kitchen shelf in your old home, to their perfect spot on the kitchen shelf in your new home. Now that’s what we call packing perfection!

Why AusPODS Preferred Packing Partners are Right For You

The average Australian will move to a new house multiple times in their life. Within a five-year period, a whopping 84 percent of renters will relocate, and for homeowners, that figure still sits at nearly half (43 percent). Despite all this moving, finding a good quality removalist is tricky. At PODS, we’ve reviewed dozens of removalists that are ready to lend a helping hand regardless of whether you’re moving across the street or even interstate!

By skipping the packing an opting for one of our Preferred Packing Partners instead, and having them fill your PODS container for you, all that’s left for you to do is put your feet up and start enjoying your new abode.