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Moving and storage can be expensive – but with PODS, it doesn’t have to be. Whether you are looking to move to a new house or store your belongings, renting a PODS container can save you big bucks compared to hiring a professional moving company or renting a self-storage facility. Let’s break down exactly how costing works with PODS.

What does it cost to move with a PODS container?

PODS containers are one of the most cost-efficient and common-sense ways to move house. To get a price, you’ll first need to figure out (with our help) what size, and how many containers you’ll need.

Our containers come in three sizes as shown below, making them suitable for any moving job, small or large.

Renting a small PODS container starts from $145 per month. This container size is ideal for a studio or 1-bedroom apartment.For a “standard” 3-bedroom home, we would recommend our largest container, which starts at $240 per month.For families with a large four- or five-bedroom home, you would likely need two large PODS containers.

That being said, the number of PODS containers you need really depends on how much stuff you have – you might live in a large home but enjoy a minimalist lifestyle, or perhaps you’re more like our own Office Manager Lisa, who’s confessed to being a hoarder of many things.

The overall cost of your booking with PODS will also depend on where you are moving to, whether that’s a few suburbs away or moving interstate, and whether you also need longer-term storage. If your move takes weeks or months, as some moves do, you are able to store your container in one of our storage centres for as long as you like.Depending on the position of your drive-way, if a container is not able to be placed securely then additional charges may also apply.

Additionally, you might like to consider purchasing packing boxes and supplies, locks and our content protection program, which will also increase your overall quote.
Either way, when you speak to our friendly customer service team, they’ll be able to delve further into your specific needs and provide you with the recommended size, quantity and the total cost of hiring a PODS containers for your move.

Prices for a PODS container start as low as $145 per month for a small container and $240 for a medium or large container

Unsure of which size container you need? Try our storage space calculator or give our friendly customer service team a call on 1800 467 637. We can even come out to your home before you book with a free, no obligation visit to assess how much space you’ll need!

Keep reading to learn more about PODS’ payment options.

What if I need two large containers, but I don’t have enough space in my front yard?

No problem! We understand that not every property has the right clearance for end to end placement (that’s 3.8m width and 4.6m in height, with no steep inclines, low branches or wires) so if you require multiple PODS we can stagger the delivery times of your containers. We’re flexible on pick-up and delivery dates too, for your convenience.

What does it cost to hire a PODS container for self-storage?

There are many benefits to hiring a PODS containers for both long-term and short-term storage. When you choose PODS for self-storage, there are two options – you can keep the container onsite at your property, or store it in one of our secure local storage facilities around the country. The cost will depend on which option you choose, your location and the amount of time you require the container.

If you are only requiring storage for a short period of time, it’s convenient to have the container delivered directly to your location. Storing a PODS container on your property starts from just $145 per month.

For a longer-term storage solution, we’d recommend taking advantage of our secure storage facilities, which also start at $145 per month . PODS also offer Contents Protection, which will give you piece of mind in knowing that your belongings are protected for as long as you need.

If you need extra storage space for an upcoming event, you might also consider hiring a PODS container for a festival, school fete, marathon or more.

To find out exactly how much hiring a PODS container costs for self-storage, get an instant quote or give our customer service team a call on 1800 467 637.

How to pay for your PODs container

Flexible and cost-effective pricing is just one of the many reasons why PODS containers are perfect for your next move or storage. PODS pricing is extremely cost-effective, which means you don’t have to pay for anything you don’t need, and flexible based upon delivery charges and storage costs.

Payment is required prior to delivery of your PODS container, after which your billing or “storage rent” will be processed on a monthly basis until you are finished with the container.

PODS accept credit card, direct debit and COD (initial delivery only) payment options. For more information visit our payment methods page.

(Tip: Follow us on Facebook and keep an eye on our promotional offers, which could see you landing your first month of storage at half price!)

Ready to get a personalised quote? Click here or talk to our customer service team today!

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  • Dale parsons ( for Norm Parsons)

    Could we find out please the cost of a pod ( one bedroom unit contents) to transport to Adelaide from Erina on the Central Coast. We would need delivery then pick up then stored in adelaide whilst my father finds accommodation. Thank you

    • PODS

      Hi Dale and Norm, we can help you but need a little more information about your pickup and delivery locations. A Small or Medium container will probably be the right size for you. Are you able to call 1800 467 637 during business hours or complete the form on this page –

      • Joanna

        We are relocating from Bacchus marsh to underbool Victoria and only require pod for approx 3 days prior to move then 3-5days post move is this possible?

        • Lisa Brown

          Hi Joanna,

          Unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to help you with your move at this time.

          Kind regards, 🙂

      • Collette

        What would it cost to store in an average size pod then transport to Adelaide?

  • Lyn Ryan

    We are relocating from Rockhampton to Melbourne. As we do not have a home to move into yet we would require our furniture to be held in storage for a short time. Although we have a 3 bedroom home at the moment we are not taking everything with us . Also we currently live on a sloping block is there any problem with using the pods in that situation.
    Lyn Ryan

    • PODS

      Hi Lyn, I apologise for the late response. Your comment was buried amongst a lot of spam comments. If not too late, we can certainly help with your move and storage needs. With regard to your sloping block, it will be best to talk with our Customer Care team about that. We can manage steep and sloping blocks to a degree. Are you able to call 1800 467 637 during business hours? They’ll be able to answer all your questions and provide pricing.

  • Malcolm McOnie

    we are moving from Wynyard in Tasmania to Newcastle…1 x 3 bedroom house + 1 x 1 bedroom unit…need the container stored in Newcastle for a couple of months till we by a house…please reply with an approximate cost

    • PODS

      Hi Malcolm, unfortunately we don’t provide our services in Tasmania. We can help you from Melbourne to Newcastle, but not from Wynyard.


    Hi we are moving from Gold Coast to Sth Gippsland. Do you travel that far and would it even be feasible to consider.

    • PODS

      Hi Wendy, Yes we service both those areas & just need to ask a few more questions about the specifics of your move. Are you able to call us on 1800 467 637 or email at or complete our online Quote Form and we will get back to you about pricing.

      • Natalie

        Hi. Can you tell me the cost of 2 x large containers dropped off in Camden NSW (packed by us) and delivered to Bribie Island QLD (unpacked by us) please. Blocks are flat on each end & we’d need 3 weeks to pack and a week to unpack. Thanks in advance.

        • Lisa Gerding

          Hi Natalie,
          If you could call our 1800 467 637 one of our staff will be able to give you a personalised quote.

          • Jonathon Hartley

            I want to order a large box but I have a narrow drive way. So was wondering if the truck will fit down it?

          • Lisa Brown

            Hi, We need 3.7m in Width to successfully place the POD down, Alternatively give us a call on 1800 467 637 and we can discuss potential placement. 🙂

  • Toni

    Hi we are looking at moving. Do you deliver to Esk QLD please.

  • Sandy ellicott

    Help I’m looking at getting a medium size pod at Old Reynella and storing at a location at Marino – will be for 3 months – could you give me a cost please?

  • Beth

    Hi we are looking to move from Canberra to Goldcoast.We have 4 bedroom but we are not taking all our stuff.Can u please advise how much and if you have service on these areas?Also we have a driveway but not that big so not sure if it fits ur container

    • Lisa Gerding

      Hi Beth,
      if you could contact our 1800 467 637, and the agent will be able to supply you with a personalised quote.

  • John M Ortman

    I would like to have a phone number and I would like to know if you come to Albany Ind 47320 and I will be moving to Williams Ind 47470 Thank you John M Ortman

    • Lisa Gerding

      Hi John,
      I do believe you have come through to the Australian web site! if you look for you will find they will be able to assist you further.
      All the best

  • Debbie

    Can you assist with my move from Hobart to the gold coast??

    • Lisa Gerding

      We don’t service Tasmania, i can personally recommend Chess Removals, Glenorchy, brilliant i did that move myself and they were great.

  • Christine Turner

    I should be moving to the Boonah area from Wacol and may need several pods to be filled over 4 weeks.
    I have many empty plant pots , garden hoses and tools which may fill one pod plus household furniture in another pod plus about 2,000 plants which I have grown for the new place.. They may fill 2 pods. They won’t be soggy with water and are an okay size for fire ant matters. I will need to hire them all for about 4 to 6 weeks.Initially i would hire one and as each is filled I would hire another, The units holding plants will be filled last. and unloaded first, Would you be able to cover that plan.?

    • Lisa Brown

      Hi Christine, please give our call centre a call on 1800 467 637 to obtain a quote and check availability.

  • Zoie

    Can I get a price on moving my furniture, boxes, garage items to townsville from ipswich please.

    • Venus Su

      Hi Zoie, we unfortunately do not go as far up north as Townsville. We hope you find a suitable service.

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