PODS containers are moved via our patented PODZILLA™ hydraulic lift system. This amazing detached delivery system allows placement of containers in tough-to-reach and hard-to-fit locations that roll-off systems can’t match.

With PODZILLA, loaded containers can be easily repositioned, to a different location at a job or project site – or moved to the next job. PODZILLA keeps the container level to minimise shifting of contents during delivery and transport.

The PODZILLA lift system is mounted onto a local PODS delivery truck that can carry any size PODS container, and is operated by local PODS drivers who are specially trained to operate the PODZILLA system and protect the contents of your PODS containers.

PODS Container Placement Disclaimer

With PODZILLA we can get our PODS containers into some pretty tricky places, but we do have some minimum space requirements for placement.

PODS require a minimum area of 12m (length) x 3.8m (width) x 4.6m (height) to place a Container.

Other restrictions may also prevent Container placement including but not limited to

  • Council Regulations
  • Ground conditions and gradient
  • Underground services
  • Other obstacles
  • Customer, driver and public safety.

Placement of all Containers on site is at the discretion of PODS Branch Operations and Drivers.

Multiple Container Deliveries

The PODZILLA™ hydraulic lift system can also fit onto a Bogie-truck, allowing us to deliver a second container with our trailer. Check out this delivery to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, all the way up from Victoria. We placed 2 containers – one off the Bogie-truck and one off the trailer. Watch out for the clever single-rear-wheel-lift manoeuvre over the driveway plant after placing the 2nd container.

PODZilla Hydraulic Lift System

Tight spaces no problem!

Tight spaces are no problem for PODZILLA. This is a recent delivery for a customer who wanted to store their PODS container between their house and shed.

This delivery placed a PODS container in a single car space, between two tight walls, after manouvering low ceiling heights.

Steep driveway? No problem for Podzilla!

Steep driveways are no problem for Podzilla! This container was delivered to and picked up from a house with a steep driveway AND tight access near the Gold Coast. Podzilla handled the job in her stride.