Travelling with PODS

Storage for Travelling

With so much of the world to see, you shouldn’t let yourself get tied down. Sadly, with rent, mortgages and all of the personal belongings you’ve got in your property, it’s all too easy to put travelling off.

With PODS, however, you can explore the world worry-free, knowing your items are secure and ready for you whenever you need them. We operate a mobile storage solution uniquely tailored to travellers like you. With PODS, you can gain the flexibility you need to pack up a moment’s notice and indulge your wanderlust.

Our flexible mobile storage solution makes travelling easier than ever. Instead of having to dig up the roots you’ve set with your belongings, we’ll look after them for you until you get back.

We keep the process simple and let you pack on your own terms by delivering your storage container straight to your door, taking away the stress of deadlines and letting you pack at your own pace. Once you’re done, you can either keep it at your address or have it stored in our secure Storage Centre. After you get back, just let us know and one of our PODS drivers will drop your container back to you.

Whether you’re travelling for work for a few weeks or moving abroad for a couple of years, we can help. With our multi-sized containers, you’re sure to find a solution that’s flexible, convenient and affordable. Get in touch with our friendly, trained team today for your free, no-obligation quote.

Mark and Mya's Adventure - packed and ready for storage
Mark and Mya's Adventure

Looking for storage for travelling?

We deliver your container to you
Pack and unpack at your own pace
Security for your possessions
Scalable solutions
Safe and secure storage
We work to your schedule

Looking for storage for travelling?