Mobile and temporary event storage

Whether you are organising a festival, concert or marathon, PODS has a mobile storage solution for your next event. Providing temporary event storage for both short- and long-term periods, PODS innovative storage solution offers flexibility and convenience that works for a wide range of event situations, including:

  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Business Expos
  • Popup Showrooms
  • Marathons & Triathlons
  • Sporting Events
  • Schoolies Celebrations
  • Street Markets
  • Air Shows
  • Car Shows
  • Truck & Boat Shows
  • Car Rallies

PODS containers have been used for a range of event applications including drink and food service stations, delegate registration, equipment storage, meeting rooms and more. They work to provide a sturdy, onsite, weather resistant structure for pre-, during and post-event activities. Containers are also used to store equipment and supplies between events; storing them onsite at your own premises, or offsite at a secure PODS storage centre.

A smarter solution for event storage

Scaleable solutions


Choose between 3 different sized containers (small, medium and large); and order as many containers as you need, including multiple sizes.

Security for your assets

Secure and weather proof

Protect your event items from theft, dirt, dust and weather. PODS containers are strong, secure and weather resistant. A durable, lockable roller door protects your belongings; and as only you have the key, you control who has access to the stored items. Our storage containers have been tested to withstand a wind speed of up to 177 kilometres per hour when partially filled.

Convenient and flexible

Convenient and Flexible

PODS will deliver your container directly to your event; or we can deliver to your staging or office area for pre-loading and preparation. Our containers are also used to store equipment between events, and delivered as needed to different event venues. With short- and long-term storage options, there has never been a more convenient and flexible solution.

Easy access and use

Easy access and use

Ground level access and durable, lockable roller doors make for easy onsite access, and efficient use of space. Ambient lighting means you can work inside the container, and easily locate stored items. Shelving and tables can be used to make the best use of all the space inside the container.

Low impact

Low Impact

The Podzilla hydraulic lift system ensures our containers are placed carefully and smoothly on the ground. This minimises surface damage at the container placement area, and ensures stability of contents when moving containers between sites and venues. The Podzilla systems also allows the container to be ‘walked in’ to some difficult-to-reach areas.

PODS Event Storage Containers

PODS containers come in 3 different sizes, ready for loading of the smallest to largest items. You can hire just one, or multiple and different sized containers for placement at different locations and venues for the one event.

Once delivered and filled, containers can be moved before, during and after your event. Large events use PODS containers at multiple stations across their venue, solving stock movement and logistical problems.

PODS containers are a genuine, secure, mobile storage solution. With onsite and offsite storage options, we have all your event storage needs covered.

Approx 10.5m3

PODS moving and storage container SMALL

Approx 20m3

PODS moving and storage container MEDIUM

Approx 26m3

PODS moving and storage container LARGE

Real Event Storage Solutions

Event storage for the Red Frogs Australia

Red Frogs Australia use PODS containers to provide event storage logistical support by way of consolidating resources onsite at the university during the University of Queensland’s O-Week. Read more …

Event storage for the Gold Coast Marathon

Smooth and gentle container placement is an essential requirement of the Gold Coast Marathon for storage locations across the competition area at the Southport Broadwater Parkland carparks.

Event storage for the Royal Qld Yacht Squadron

The RQYS works with PODS to create temporary, secure, weatherproof and a low-impact event storage and drinks service area for their annual Youth Week Sail Regatta. Read more …

Event storage for Nines Telethon for Nundah Cottages

Nundah Cottages underwent a major renovation as part of Channel Nine’s 2016 Telethon. They needed offsite storage for furniture and office equipment from the cottages and play areas during the renovation event. Read more…

Store opening event storage for Lululemon Adelaide

Lululemon opened their new store in Adelaide’s Rundle Mall and used a PODS container to store merchandise and materials in preparation for and during their opening event.

Store opening event storage for the Brisbane Festival

Secure weather resistant containers make for a solid storage solution for a month-long outdoor festival with events across different venues and stages at the 2017 Brisbane Festival.

Storage For Fetes and Community Fundraising

PODS are passionate about supporting local schools and communities across our serviceable locations. We actively support school, church and community fundraising events with mobile and temporary storage solutions.

If you have a school or community event coming up, and need a storage solution, click through to our Fetes and Community Fundraising page for more information.

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