The Benefits of Moving Containers

PODS moving containers makes moving and storage easy! Whether you’ve got a big house with lots of stuff to pack away or a small unit to move, we can manage the lot.

Moving has never been more convenient

We deliver the PODS moving container right to your address. You load it at your leisure or we can refer a team of professional packers to load it for you. When you are ready, we will pick up your container and deliver it to your desired location.

PODS moving and storage containers offer ground level loading. There is no need to use heavy loading ramps which alleviates excessive lifting. Once your PODS container is loaded, it can be delivered directly to your new address or we can store it between moves in one of our secure Storage Centres.

Flexibility to suit your needs, timeline and budget

PODS containers come in 3 sizes and can be delivered across town, or interstate.


PODS moving and storage container SMALL

Height: 2.4m
Width: 2.1m
Length: 2.1m
Approx 10.5m3
Furnished rooms: 1*


PODS moving and storage container MEDIUM

Height: 2.4m
Width: 2.4m
Length: 3.6m
Approx 20.4m3
Furnished rooms: 2-3*


PODS moving and storage container LARGE

Height: 2.4m
Width: 2.4m
Length: 4.8m
Approx 27.6m3
Furnished rooms: 27.6*

Security and protection that offers satisfaction and peace of mind

PODS containers are made of a steel frame with specially designed, aluminum skin panels with a light-weight steel roll up door. They can hold a lot of stuff.

When you’ve packed your container, only you have the key, giving you piece of mind knowing that your belongings are safe and sound.

PODS delivery trucks are equipped with a patented hydraulic lift system, PODZILLA, that minimises shifting of contents. PODS Storage Centres feature sophisticated security systems to ensure your belongings are always protected; and you’ll find out Storage Centres in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Why Choose PODS®?

PODS moving and storageWhether you’re moving across town, interstate, or into storage, choosing PODS as your moving company will make the experience better than it has ever been. Imagine packing at your own pace. On your time-table. To your standards. Then leave the driving to someone else—and leave the hassles behind.

PODS moving service can help make your move easier!

Need Contents Protection?