When It Comes To Comparing Self Storage,

We Stack Up

PODS Storage Solutions

Whether you’re moving locally, interstate or just storing some stuff, we know you’ve got a lot of choices. Comparing self storage providers isn’t easy, especially when most of them boast about the same things. That’s why we created this comparison table to help you work out which one’s best for your situation.




Patented Lift Delivery System
Our patented level loading delivery system Podzilla® means your items stay upright during delivery and transport, and our tie-down points will secure your load.
Big Enough For Your Stuff
Need a container big enough to be actually useful? Our smallest container has 10.5m3 of space, which means you can pack a three-seater couch and still have plenty of room for other things.
Decades Of Experience
We’ve got 20 years of experience in portable moving and storage, with 4 million container deliveries.
More Locations
Moving anywhere between Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or the Gold Coast? Go with a self-storage provider with more locations to make your move smoother and faster.
Mix And Match
Need a lot of storage… or just a little? Choose from three sizes, and add extra containers as you need. And if you order a container but don’t use it, you don’t pay for it.
Built Tough
Your container needs to be tough enough to keep your things safe. That means no wooden boxes, but a waterproof, solid-steel frame.
Cancel Without Losing Cash
If something happens and you don’t need your containers, no problem. Let us know at least 1 business day before you need them, and you won’t pay a dollar in cancellation fees
Load When You’re Ready
Don’t be on someone else’s timetable. Have the flexibility to load when and as quickly or slowly as you want, or get the packing professionals to do it for you.
Move Or Pick Up When You Want
Can you change your moving day, or reschedule your pick up day once you’ve moved? You sure can!

You hold the key

Secure your PODS® container with your own lock and key so you (and only you) control access to your things.

Safe and sound

If you need more time before your things arrive, store them in one of our secure facilities for as long as you want.

Got a smaller load?

A PODS® container is perfect for you. Designed for partial household loads, each container has eyehooks so you can tie down and secure your load.

Here’s a few more reasons why thousands choose PODS when they need to move…


Expert advice, free of charge
Not sure about which PODS® container size (or how many containers) you need to move all your stuff? Get a PODS storage expert out to your place to give you their professional opinion for FREE. Oh, and did we say you’ll never pay for anything you don’t need or use?


Storage without the sticker shock
When you compare quotes, PODS might seem more expensive at first. But take a closer look at the fine print. Not all competitors are 100% up-front about how much it’s really going to cost you. Details like container size, billing, redelivery, and container storage, can all add up, leaving you with a nasty “bump” on the final bill. With PODS, what you see is what you pay, and not a dollar more… ever.


Wave ta-ta to tilting tragedies
You’ve heard the horror stories about smashed vases or damaged furniture when a storage box tilted while loading or unloading. If you can’t afford to take the risk, go with PODS. Instead of a tilt tray system, we use PODZILLA™: a level-loading system that keeps your PODS® container balanced and stops things dangerously sliding around.

  • Very good service, a great experience. Accounts were issued on time, customer service was excellent especially by Lisa. Access was easy to arrange and always on time.

    TG, Stapyton
    TG, Stapyton
  • Wendy on the phone was lovely - took time to explain & listened to questions. Knowledgeable on products too, quote was accurate. Both drivers very nice as well, in particular drop off one, genuinely friendly, made it much less stressful, thanks team.

    Magalli Sydney
  • The staff that I spoke with were excellent and assisted in every way possible. Specifically, Renae was very helpful and made the process easy for me. Graham and David were also fantastic and did everything they could to assist with delivery.

    June Sydney

When you need self storage or help moving, the choice is clear.