PODS Moving and Storage

Emergency Restoration and Disaster Response

  • Protect salvaged assets
  • Increase storage capacity for small- and large-scale events
  • Stage dispensing sites

Damage and loss to your business caused by extreme weather or other unforeseen events can lead to a great deal of business stress. With years of experience providing emergency solutions to business, PODS can help you manage the stress of moving or storing your business assets during this difficult time.

PODS provides flexible, immediate options to a host of different business environments, including restoration contractors, insurance carriers, and emergency response agencies for property incidents or large disasters.

Limit the losses. Storage of at-risk and salvaged assets is critical to limiting further damage and future financial loss.

Scale your business with the need. Restoration contractors use PODS as add-ons to their own response capabilities. We expand onsite storage capacity, provide scalable help with pack-outs, and offer long-term storage of treated materials in a secure environment.

With 3 different storage container sizes to choose from and a national network of Storage Centres, we can respond quickly and provide a broad delivery reach.

PODS containers are made of steel frame construction with a water-resistant seal and can withstand winds up to 170km per hour when partially filled.

Make PODS a part of your disaster recovery planning. For a more detailed proposal on how PODS can support your disaster recovery initiatives contact us.

Why choose PODS for Emergency Moving and StorageWHY CHOOSE PODS®?

Our sturdy, weather-resistant PODS® containers offer protection of your business assets during severe weather and natural disaster emergencies. With PODS business moving and storage services, you have control of your business assets and equipment curing the whole disaster management process.

You can find us in QLD, NSW, VIC and SA