PODS is a valuable bonus to the customer experience for many businesses. From offloading excess goods, giving you more space to serve your customers, to including PODS as part of your service offering, PODS has been proven to deliver extra profit to your business and extra value to your customers.

Whether you need a business onsite self storage or clean and secure storage centre solution, short term or long term, PODS can provide a commercial storage solution for those items that need safe keeping.

PODS® is changing how businesses handle their storage and transportation needs.

Seasonal Merchandise

Expand your back room and reduce labor costs with flexible onsite and offsite storage and transportation capacity.

New Store Openings

Whether it’s a store-in-a-container solution, or simple onsite storage of promotion and signage, PODS provides a clear competitive advantage.

Remodelling or Renovating

PODS eliminates project steps and costs with transportation and storage of old and new fixtures and merchandise

Furniture and Equipment

PODS portable storage system is the perfect collection, installation, transportation, and warehousing solution

Construction Tools and Materials

Contractors and building supply wholesalers agree that PODS® containers are a better solution for loading, delivering, and storing.

Office and Employee Relocations

Whether you’re moving the entire company, or occasional employees, PODS provides the best moving and storage experience ever.

Event Storage Solutions

PODS make it all easier, whether it’s vendor storage at the state fair, promotional storage at the 10K charity run, or a new product tour

Restoration and Disaster Response

Reduce casualty claims costs and improve the efficiency of pack-outs and material salvage with both onsite and offsite storage.

Secure Storage

PODS has clean and secure storage centres located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

You can store your container in one of our storage centre locations, or PODS can move your containers to other business locations across town or interstate.

The process is simple:

  1. PODS delivers a sturdy, weather-resistant, secure and ground-level container to your location. You fill it, at your pace and to your schedule. When you are ready, call us.
  2. We will collect your loaded container and drive it to our local Storage Centre. You can access your container contents Monday-Saturday.

With PODS, you can spend more time on your business and less time worrying about your business storage needs.

Supply Chain Logistics

PODS® containers add convenience, flexibility and inventory control to your business. Our professional staff work with you to create customised supply chain logistics to transport and store your goods closer to the point of use. With PODS as your logistics partner, you can drive profitability by continually optimising your network and performance.

  • Flexible Inventory. Manage stock levels and purchasing efficiency with cost effective storage to adjust for seasonal fluctuations and changing market conditions.
  • Increased Speed to Openings. Stage materials onsite to increase speed to new location openings or reduce downtime during remodelling or renovations.
  • Storage Options. Onsite and offsite.
  • Convenience and Ease. Ground-level loading and unloading to your schedule.
  • Maximise Productivity. PODS supply chain management helps reduce multiple shipments and double handling to better use company resources.

Long distance and Interstate movingWHY CHOOSE PODS®?

Our sturdy, weather-resistant PODS® containers offer protection of your assets during severe weather and natural disasters or renovation and remodeling project. Flexible and cost effective, PODS are here to serve your ever-changing business moving and storage needs.

You can find us in QLD, NSW, VIC and SA