Emergency storage containers

PODS delivers when you need help most

Have you experienced damage to your home caused by extreme weather, flooding rains, fallen trees or other unforeseen events?

Do you need to move your belongings somewhere safe before disaster strikes?

Or do you need to safely store your belongings while emergency repairs are carried out?

Emergency morving and Emergency storage containers

When disaster strikes, PODS can help!

With years of experience providing emergency solutions to individuals and families, PODS can help reduce the stress of moving and storing your belongings during a difficult time.

We have helped customers in many different emergency situations, including:

  • moving belongings from homes before flood water inundation;
  • moving belonging when bush fire threatens homes;
  • storing belongings onsite while emergency repair works are undertaken;
  • storing belongings offsite while an uninhabitable home undergoes extensive repair work.

PODS provides these services to individuals, families, builders and insurance companies alike. We can move your belongings to a safe location or one of our Secure Storage Centres. You can also store your container at your home while repair works are carried.

Emergency Moving

PODS can move your belongings before disaster strikes, when you are forewarned about imminent weather events.

PODS will deliver a container to you, you pack and fill, then we pickup and move to a safer location or one of our Secure Storage Centres.

In the unfortunate event of being unable to return to your home, we move your PODS container straight to your new home. No need to repack, and we do all the driving.

Emergency Storage

If repairs are needed on your home; or you need to remove all your household contents and place them into storage; or move just the items in the affected area of your home – store them in a PODS containers.

Store at your own home, or offsite at a PODS Storage Centre.

Your belongings are safe and secure, and protected from weather.

Why PODS for Emergency Moving and Storage?

PODS® containers are made of steel frame construction with a water-resistant seal and can withstand winds up to 170km per hour when partially filled.

With 3 different storage container sizes to choose from, we can help with the smallest or largest home emergency situation.

We can respond quickly and provide a delivery service to many areas in and around Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.