10x Box Bundle


5x SMALL moving boxes
406mm L x  298mm W x 431mm H
5x LARGE moving boxes
431mm L x  406mm W x 596mm H
1x 75m roll Packing Tape

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PODS Small moving boxes ideal for packing books, CD’s and Wine. Protect precious wines by using this box in conjunction with the polystyrene wine insert.
Use to pack non breakable items such as books, games and toys. Wrap wine bottles in paper or bubble and stand upright. For the ultimate wine protection, use with polystyrene wine insert.

PODS Large moving boxes are great for packing and storing larger household items. Everything from pillows, blankets, bath towels, larger dishes, serving platters, plants, lamps and stereo & computer equipment.

Durable, industry standard large moving boxes, these boxes are shipped flat, packed in a protective wrap to protect from elements.

Medium Moving Pack20x Box Bundle