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How to Self Storage: Know the right questions to ask

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Renting out a self storage unit but can’t choose which company to get storage from? Refine your search and know which self storage facility fits your needs.

When looking for a storage unit, you should know what to ask and what you need to know from them. Here’s a list of questions we think you should ask your potential self storage facilities. You might already have the answers to these questions, making your search faster.

  • Where is your facility located?

Location is crucial for self storage facilities, the closer to your house the better. You wouldn’t have any problem moving stuff to your storage unit if it’s just a few blocks a

way from your house.

  • How secure if your self storage facility?

You wouldn’t rent out a self storage unit if your stuff is not valuable thus it pays for you to ask the security measures the self storage implements on their facility. This feature also helps you decide if the fee is worth it. Added security from the site would also help you decide on which items you can store on the unit, can you store valuable stuff or just seasonal items you don’t usually use?

  • Is it indoor or outdoor?

Each self storage facility has different structures and each ones have their own pros and cons. As them to elaborate more on the benefits of having an indoor or outdoor self storage unit so you know which one fits your needs. Can you park your car right in front of the storage unit or it doesn’t have driveway access? This would help you decide if the things that you intend to store there would be convenient to move.

  • Who manages the facility, who should I talk to when I have concerns or issues with my unit?

You want to have a specific person to talk to when you encounter a problem with your unit.

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