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Below are some Customer Testimonials that we wanted to share with you.

bellamumma petaluma renovation PODZILLA
I couldn't recommend PODS highly enough... Such a genius idea, having the POD delivered to our home helped take away the stress of packing up the house and storing everything while we renovated the house. Everyone through the entire process was so helpful and lovely - from calling up to get more information, to booking, to the POD being delivered and then being picked up - all the PODS staff were professional and personable. Loved that you had time to pack your POD at your own pace, and have time to unpack it too. The price is also very reasonable. If you're renovating your home or moving, using PODS is the less stressful moving/storage solution.Nikki, Avalon
Well done!I will be recommending PODS!
I have been using your onsite  PODS storage service for the last 6-7 months I called Heather today to arrange collection as we are finally ready to move back in. I just wanted to let you  know how impressed I have been with the whole operation from start to finish  (assuming collection goes as well as delivery...and I am sure it will) From the moment I clicked on your website and chatted with the online help, to the initial booking and confirmation and then the delivery itself, the whole experience has been exceptional. Infact I was so impressed with the driver that I called the day the PODS was delivered to express my thanks, as it is so unusual to get such a friendly, patient,  and professional driver these days, particularly when its not as easy as just dropping off a parcel, that asked if he could collect when we were ready. I was at the house today finishing up some painting so we can finally empty the POD and move back in when I remembered that I needed to arrange collection.  I had left all my documents at home but called the number on the outside of the POD. I spoke with Heather who asked for my details and I explained the situation.  She was so helpful in helping find all my details and arranged my pick up with the same driver. Too easy!! How often do we jump at the chance to complain about poor service, but rarely do we acknowledge exceptional experiences. Today I wanted to share my exceptional experience  with you and let you know you have a terrific product and a terrific team. Well done! I will be recommending PODS!Ronald D
Top Australian athlete and Gold Medal winner, Jana Rawlinson (née Pittman) talks about her recent moving experience using PODS. Moving is never fun but I was really dreading the thought of moving from Sydney to Canberra, especially with a 15 month old to chase after. But with PODS managing my move, it couldn’t have been easier. Their experienced staff were always friendly and helpful, working with us to make the whole experience as painless as possible. It’s amazing, PODS literally deliver a container right to your front door. Within 15 minutes, the driver had simply and safely lowered the container on to our driveway, exactly where we wanted it. We couldn’t believe how manoeuvrable their system was, it was actually great fun to watch! I loved the idea that the container doesn’t tip when it’s loaded on the truck, so our valuables were safe. And it was so easy and quick to load since the container didn’t need a ramp and sat right in our driveway – keeping everything doubly safe at all times. I took advantage of their great ProPack service, where PODS professional packing partners takes care of all the work, physically packing up our belongings, loading the container and then unloading at the other end. These guys were polite and super efficient – everything was carefully packed, labelled and loaded in no time. And nothing missing or broken at the other end. One of the advantages moving interstate with PODS is that our belongings are dispatched to the next location immediately – in fact, I think they beat us to Canberra! With other removalists I’ve had to wait while they fill the rest of the shipping container, or get a spot on the train. With PODS, your stuff isn’t mixed up with other peoples or constantly handled or reloaded. And better still, PODS can store your belongings during the moving process. They simply take your container straight to one of their secure Storage Centres until you’re ready for it. I can’t imagine ever moving again without PODS – and will be recommending them to all my family and friends.Jana Rawlinson
PODS testimonials - Jason, Lutwyche Brisbane
Your company gave some of the best service that I’ve received EVER. Everything from the initial contact via the website, to the final pickup was seamless and exactly as promised. All customer service representatives were exemplary. You and your team should be proud to be running such a tight ship. This made our move [never a fun job, let’s face it] so much easier.Jason
I moved house and needed to store my stuff between settlements. PODS was fantastic. They turned up when they said they would, the driver was great, all my stuff was perfect when we unloaded it, and best of all it’s so cheap.Traci
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