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Tight spaces no problem for PODZILLA!

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Zuzana and her husband recently arranged for their son to move up from Brisbane to Melbourne. They have moved with PODS in the past, so it was an easy decision for them to have PODS help with their son’s interstate move.

The move was easy, and we were able to hold their son’s possessions in storage for a few weeks while his new home was getting sorted. Then came the delivery …

Zuzana’s son’s new home presented a tricky and tight single parking space for him to place the container into while he took his time to unload. But this tight space was no match for our Podzilla.

One of the big features with PODS is our ability to maneuver our containers into tight spaces that many roll-off systems can’t match. We do this with Podzilla – our patented detachable hydraulic lift system.

Podzilla allows for placement of containers in tough-to-reach and hard-to-fit locations, including the single car space between two tight walls for Zuzana’s son. Adding to the trickiness for this move were low balcony and outdoor ceiling heights to get past to place the container. Podzilla managed everything in her stride, the container pickup and delivery, and we ended the job with a very happy son (and Mum and Dad), ready to settle into his new Brisbane home.

Zuzana, thank you for using PODS again. And we look forward to providing our services to you again in the future.


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