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Creating Additional Home storage

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When it comes to organizing your home, it comes with the task of providing acceptable storage spaces in your home. Once you have classified your stuff into the things that you will keep and those that you will let go. You now move on to classifying the things that you keep into the things that you keep at your home or those that you move to a self storage space. If your stuff is still large in number and that your current storage areas will not be enough for them then it is time for you to maximize the space that you have and turn them into additional storage.

Multipurpose furniture
Furniture takes up a lot of space in your home. If there is additional space that you could use for storage, it better come from furniture. There are a lot of furniture that not only offer their conventional purpose but as well as additional space for you to keep away stuff such as footstools that can be opened up inside, a coffee table that has drawers and shelves and bed with drawers underneath.

Hang it on the wall
The wall is another possible area for you to create storage. You can mount the TV to free up shelf space or racks can be used as well to hold boxes as your storage.

Basement storage
The basement has always been used as storage, but you already know that you will be able to free up storage space even more if your very storage area is organized. Use stackable boxes instead of just piling one thing after another. You should also label these boxes for easier location of your stuff because even though you think you know where everything is, there would still be some stuff that you will forget.

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