4 Tips On Organising Your Home For Self-Storage

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Congratulations! You’ve decided the time has come to finally get rid of all of that clutter. To save yourself some space and accommodate all of the items that you’ll want to include,  be sure to choose a self-storage container that’s right for you. Here are some quick tips on organising your home to prepare for self-storage.

Plan it out

Before you go ahead and throw out everything you’ve been hoarding, it’s a good idea to draft out a plan first. Think of it as more of a list of all the items that will go into storage, and the ideal areas that you’ll want to see organised in your house. Analyse your list and think about the frequency of usage of those items. If you think that you might use an item more than once a week, then it’s probably more efficient for you to have it at home rather than at the storage unit.

Do it one room at a time

Swiftly move from one room to another while organising. That’s right, focus on one room at a time, then close the door and move onto the next. Label your boxes with the name of the room it belongs or perhaps, the season that you last used it before. It is also a good idea to number the boxes and keep a record of everything inside that box.

Many cardboard boxes in big bright house during relocation

Strategic positioning

Store your most used items right at the front of the storage unit, while those that you seldom use would be more appropriately located at the back.

Designate a day for the move

It’s best to plan as much time as possible for moving your belongings to the self-storage unit. You might not actually spend the whole day doing so but to be on the safe side you might want to allot one whole day for it. Besides, you might be so tired with all the moving and lifting by the end of the day to perform any other activities.

In the end, you will have a safe and well organised space to keep all of your extra household goods or other items that you need to be stored for a designated period of time.

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  • Sandra Skilton

    I am moving from Warrnambool to Maroochydore, do you service these places?

    • Lisa Brown

      Hi Sandra, yes we service both locations. Please contact our office on 1800 467 637 to obtain a quote.

  • Tania

    Do you go from Gold Coast to cairns?

    • Elaine Cross

      Hi Tania, thank you for your enquiry, unfortunately we do not go to Cairns, its to far for us. We can do storage for you in our Yatala storage facility. Sorry for any inconvenience

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