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Tips for getting organised with self storage

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Get rid of clutter and save some pace by renting out a self storage. With the wide variety of selection self storage provide you may be at lose with what storage space you need and what would accommodate all the things that you want to be there. We have discussed this in one of our blog posts before.

Plan it out

Before you head out and de-clutter your house, it is best that you draft out a plan of everything. More like a list of everything that will go to the self storage container and the things that you’ll have organized in your house. Analyse your list and think about the frequency of your usage of those items. If you think that you might use an item more than once a week then it’s probably more efficient for you to have it at home rather than the storage unit.

One room at a time.

Swiftly move from one room to another while organising. Label your boxes with the name of the room it belongs or the season that you use it before. It is also best that besides your list, put another list at the box; outlining everything inside that box.

Strategic positioning

Gauge the number of times you’ll use an item, those that you use frequently should be right in front of the storage unit while those that you seldom use would be more appropriately located at the back.

Designate a day for the move

Allot a whole day for moving your stuff to the self storage unit. You might not actually spend the whole day doing so but to be on the safe side you might want to allot one whole day for it. Besides you might be so tired with all the moving and lifting by the end of the day to perform any additional activity.

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