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Things You Shouldn’t Store In A Self-Storage Container

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From renovating to travelling, there are a variety of uses for a self-storage container. But did you know there are restrictions on what can and cant be stored inside? In order to protect not only your belongings, but also the storage facility staff and the facility itself, some items are prohibited from being stored.

Whilst some restricted and prohibited items are clearly common sense, others are not always so obvious. If you are ever in doubt about a specific item, it’s always best to contact your storage facility and double-check with them first.

Below is a quick list of items that you should NOT keep inside a self-storage unit or storage container.

Don’t Play with Fire

Hazardous or toxic materials

While this might seem obvious, there are some items that you may even realise are hazardous. Anything that contains petrol or gas (including empty gas bottles) are definitely not allowed in storage, as well as some cleaning materials with alcohol content, cleaning solvent, corrosives and paint.

If you have any containers that store petrol, you’ll need to drain the petrol first before placing the container in storage. Oil may be okay to store, but again, it’s always best check to with the facility first.


Fireworks of any kind, or any item that may explode when it comes in contact with spark or fire, are not allowed in storage units. This includes batteries.

No guns or weapons of any kind

Guns and weaponry

Although it might seem like they are would be safe inside a self-storage unit, guns are not allowed to be kept in storage facilities. Accidents can happen, and they may accidentally go off and ignite an explosion.

Radioactive materials

These are especially dangerous because you may not know if you have already been exposed to them. Never store radioactive materials in self-storage units, as these storage facilities generally do not have the ability to protect personnel within close proximity to a radioactive item.

No Perishable goodsPerishable goods

It is worth emphasizing that you should never place anything perishable inside a self-storage unit that doesn’t have the specialty to handle perishable goods. If you do plan to store perishable goods, then you should seek out a specialty self-storage facility.


Considering storing with PODS?

If you are considering storing your items in a PODS storage container, in addition to the above you must not store any goods that are illegal, stolen, inflammable, explosive, environmentally harmful or that pose a risk to the property of any person. In addition, it is highly recommended to avoid storing items which are irreplaceable, such as currency, jewelry, furs, deeds, paintings, curios, works of art and items of personal sentimental value.

While a car might fit into a large PODS container, motor vehicles of any kind cannot be stored in a PODS storage container. Access into and out of the vehicle is restricted, and we are not able to secure a vehicle within a container. If you do need to store a car, there are companies who specialise in vehicle storage in each state.


Hire a PODS ContainerIn Summary

When it comes to storing your belongings, be it personal or business, use your common sense and read the Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions; and if ever in doubt, give PODS a call on 1800 467 637 or ask our friendly Customer Service team. We’re here to help you.

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  • Ivy Baker

    This is some really good information about storage units. I have been thinking about getting my first storage unit and I am not sure what I should put in it. I liked what you said about how I shouldn’t put toxic materials in it. I have a lot of art supples and chemicals that you use in art. So I should probably avoid putting those in the storage unit.

    • PODS

      Hi Ivy, art supplies themselves may well be ok, but chemicals no. If in doubt, give us a call on 1800 467 637 when you book or are ready to pack your container.

  • Stephanie

    Can I store a riding lawn mower in a POD?

    • Lisa Gerding

      Hi Stephanie,
      Very good question, we recommend you remove all petrol from the tank. There are tie down points inside the container so I would make sure the lawn mover won’t move around. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1800 467 637

  • Stu Stanly

    Does anyone know if Can you store a motorcycle with an empty gas tank? It’s not a car so I didn’t know if a bike is ok. Thank you for your help.

    • Lisa Gerding

      Hi Stu,
      We don’t recommend storing anything with petrol. However saying this, I know some customers have drained the petrol, and stored ride on mowers, mowers, bikes etc, this is at your risk and negate any CPO/COO/insurance you may have.

  • Nancy

    Can planters/plants be put into a POD if just moving and not storing the POD?

    • Lisa Gerding

      Good morning, I wouldn’t recommend placing plants in the PODS(r) container, only for the fact if your move is delayed, they may die, and if they are wet, they may encourage mould to grow.

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