Event Storage, Sailing Boats and Coffee Machines for the RQYS

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How do you solve the problem of creating a temporary, secure, weatherproof and low-impact event storage solution for a drinks service area?

The Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron had exactly that problem for their annual Youth Week Sail Regatta.

The Youth Week Sail Regatta attracts 300+ young sailors and their families to RQYS. The event is held over a two week period each July. With young sailors come their families. With families come parents needing coffee for warmth and sustenance throughout the regatta’s winter days; and hot and cold drinks for the kids.

For the past two years, Beth Kucks, RQYS Hospitality Manager, has used PODS containers to provide the temporary, secure and weatherproof event storage they needed.

PODS moving and storage container MEDIUMA medium (12’) storage container was used as the drinks service and storage station. The container worked to house and protect the coffee making equipment and drinks supplies from weather. It also provided a completely lockable unit for overnight security.

Mocopan Coffee provided the machine and equipment for the coffee station. Coffee machines are heavy and costly units. It was essential to both Mocopan and RQYS that all equipment be stored correctly and securely.

A 6m x 3m marque was erected at the opening of the container. This covered the service area, providing shade for customers; and additional weather protection for service staff.

Having used the containers for two years running, RQYS has streamlined their drinks service area systems and setup.

Previously they hired a PODS container and a refrigerated drinks trailer for their event. The container became the drinks serving station, and the trailer provided refrigeration for the cold beverages.

This year, the team were able to arrange and fit coffee equipment and supplies PLUS all cold drinks and refrigeration systems into the one container. This was done with enough room to run power to keep drinks cold while still allowing space for staff to comfortably move around inside.

By bringing everything into the one container, event organizers were able to save on equipment hire. In addition, using only the container, they were able to reduce the overall grounds area needed for the drinks station during the event.

The lawns around the grounds of the RQYS are soft and well maintained. When it came to delivery and pickup of the PODS container, it was important to ensure that the delivery process was as low impact as possible. Our patented hydraulic lift system, Podzilla, enabled us to deliver and carefully place the container exactly where it was needed with minimal impact on the soft lawn it was placed onto.

The RQYS has a series of sailing regatta events coming up in January 2018. They will be using PODS storage containers again for their event storage and drinks station needs.


If you think PODS could be an effective storage solution for your upcoming event, call our Customer Care team on 1800 467 637 for more information and to get a quote today.


Royal Queensland yacht SquadronMORE ABOUT THE RQYS

Located in Brisbane’s South-Eastern Bayside suburb of Manly, the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron is home to one of Queensland’s oldest and most prestigious recreational sailing and cruising clubs.

The Squadron has a long history of supporting and encouraging sailing as a sport that has continued for over 130 years.

Sailors at all levels come to RQYS to enjoy sailing on Moreton Bay, from beginners and juniors, to elite sailors competing with distinction in championships at International and Olympic events.

With an active sailing and social calendar the RQYS is a spectacular setting for events and functions.


Here’s what the RQYS had to say about their experience with pods

My experience with PODS has been first class. 

From taking the initial booking, the staff made sure that they could meet our needs and provided us with a POD that we used for an event.  When the POD arrived at our venue, we were greeted by a professional and experienced driver who made every effort to place the POD in the spot that we need.  He also removed the tyre marks that were made in the grass, (which were minimal) and swept the road behind the truck. 

I have never seen so much care taken from a delivery before and was impressed by how the driver represented PODS.  The POD was clean and completely sealed.  It kept our gear dry and safe.

I would highly recommend PODS and will be booking them again for our future events. 

Bethanney Kucks
Food and Beverage Manager



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