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At PODS, service and satisfaction are inherent in all that we do. We want you to be so thrilled with PODS that you will recommend us to your friends and family. We prove it every day. If you have your any feedback to share, jump down to our feedback form at the bottom of this page.

Below are some Customer Testimonials that we wanted to share with you.

Hi Wendy, It’s Alison; your slightly neurotic interstate mover friend - we’ve been chatting over the phone these last few weeks! I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to AUSPODS - everyone I have dealt with has been so fantastic Lance, my drop off and pick up guy in Sydney was wonderful; keeping me in the loop and navigating my tricky tiny inner west Sydney street with aplomb. A really nice guy to boot. Mark, the guy who just dropped off the pod in South Australia, is also fantastic - to the point of offering to help me move my items into my house rather than unload the POD completely, leave, and then have to come back a few hours later. I can’t tell you how appreciated that was - it took us less that 20 minutes to unload the whole thing and he was on his way again. Another really nice guy too. And thanks to you for putting up with my annoying phone calls, for keeping me in the loop re: deliveries and timing, and again just being a very kind human being. Considering this move came about very suddenly and I had very tight time frames (and am just me, no one to help), the fantastic service from AUSPODS has made things so much easier. And I just wanted to let you know. I will definitely recommend AUSPODS to anyone I know who is moving! (Funnily enough, at my old workplace - Sydney Opera House - we also use AUSPODS to store a whole lot of our costumes and props! So I am a fan.) Cheers, and have a great day Alison
the fantastic service from AUSPODS has made things so much easier
Hi Elaine, just wanted to say thank you to you and the team at Auspods for such an easy moving experience. You are all so friendly and helpful.
easy moving experience
We shipped our complete house hold from Sydney to the Barossa Valley in SA with PODS and we would do it the same way again. Doing some research before moving we had to decide between two options, going with a removalist that is packing the truck with our stuff or getting a container delivered to pack ourselves. Comparing prices, both options worked out pretty much the same. It sounds tempting to have other people packing for you, but at least in our case, we preferred to take the time to do this ourselves, very handy if you have your belongings spread out at different locations. You decide when the container gets delivered to your place, you decide when it will get picked up after loading, you lock it up and nobody else will have access, you decide when it will arrive at your new destination and how long it will take you to unload the PODS. because the basic price for shipping the box includes one month of storage. The service and communication, if on the phone to seal the deal or directly with the drivers was very friendly and welcoming. No hidden costs, no negative surprises. Thumps up!
Neil and Torsten Thumbs Up
Neil and Torsten
Thank you so much Benita. PODS have been great. You have looked after my things for almost 2 years now. Mat in Adelaide has always been so helpful and professional. I’m looking forward to moving in to my new place and being around all my things.
PODS have looked after my things for almost 2 years now
Sheree, Adelaide
I’d like to commend one of your staff members for his excellent customer service. Paul Tapper in QLD has helped us with our very stressful interstate move from VIC from the get go. He’s been responsive, professional and very friendly and has made our experience with PODS a very easy and positive one. He really has gone out of his way to make sure we have received the service we needed and I will definitely recommend PODS to everyone I know who moves.
I’d like to commend one of your staff members for his excellent customer service.
Isabella, Melbourne-Brisbane
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