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Planning your next move? Moving containers offer a flexible and affordable alternative to the traditional removalist service. Moving containers give you the time to pack at your own pace and to your own standards. You can also take advantage of long and short-term storage if its needed.

Lets have a look at how using moving containers can make your next move easy.

Easy for Packing

Packing up your home can be the most stressful aspect of moving. To make it as easy as possible, plan ahead and give yourself as much time as possible.

With moving containers, the container is delivered to your home. You pack to your own time-table and the way you want to pack. By packing over several days (or even weeks), sort and declutter your home as you go. This will ensure that you only move what you want to take with you.

Moving containers make packing easyPack items directly into the moving container as you go. This moves them out of the way as you sort and pack.

A helpful hint is to separate your items into ‘rooms’ or ‘categories’. Label boxes as you go, and consider packing up one room at a time. Consider also the order you place your packed items into the container. For example, pack the items you don’t use very often first, leaving the essential items to be placed into the container at the end of your packing. This will give you quick access to what you need most after your move.

When you have finished packing your container, simply call the moving company. They will collect your container ready for delivery to its new destination. If you need storage, they will store the packed container for you.

If you need help with packing, the moving company can generally refer you to trusted packing professionals.

We have a Storage Checklist that you might find useful when it comes to packing your moving containers.

Easy for Moving

There are many options when it comes to moving from one home to another. Moving containers and traditional removalist services are probably the most common.

Moving containers make moving easyUsing Moving Containers to make life easy

Once the packing is done, it’s time for the big move. Simply call the company to collect your container and they do the driving and moving for you. Its that simple.

Different companies have different methods of loading and unloading the containers on their trucks. Some companies use forklifts, some use tilt trays. PODS use a unique hydraulic lift system purposefully designed to keep your packed items steady and level in the container as it is loaded and unloaded from the truck. When obtaining quotes, ask the moving container company how they handle your container.

If you’re undertaking a interstate or long-distance move, the items you placed into your container are delivered exactly as you packed them. There is no unloading and reloading of your items at a depot between removalist warehouse locations. This works to reduce the risk of loss and damage to your items before they reach their final destination.

We have a Moving Checklist that you might find useful when it comes to preparing for your more.

Versus a Removalist Service

With a traditional removalist service, the moving truck will arrive empty, ready to load your packed boxes and furnishing. Once loaded it is driven to your new home. This will generally happen within the same day. It means you need to have your belongings pre-sorted, packed and ready to load into the truck before it arrives.

If you need to store your items between homes, your belongings will be removed from the truck and stored at a depot until you are ready for re-delivery to your new home.

If you are moving long-distance or interstate, your belongings may be removed from the truck and placed onto a long-haul truck or train, then reloaded onto a local removalist truck for delivery to your final destination.

This double-handling of your possessions may increase the risk of damage and loss of items.

Easy for Storage

Whether you are moving, renovating, decluttering or downsizing, at some stage in life many of us need storage space. Moving and storage containers provide a flexible and affordable storage option that storage units can’t.

Moving and storage containers make storage easyUsing Moving Containers to make storage easy

The container is delivered to your home, ready to pack. Your packed container can remain with you onsite at your home, or can be collected and stored at a secure storage facility. Storage centre access to your possessions is easy; a quick phone call and access can be arranged generally within 24 hours. No other storage service offers this degree of flexibility.

You are not locked into any long-term contracts, so you can store your possessions for as short or as long a time as needed; and the storage company does the driving for you.

Versus storage lockers and self-storage units

If you opt to use a storage locker or self-storage unit, you will need to pre-pack your possessions then drive them to the storage facility yourself. Once there you will need to unload your items into your self-storage unit. If your rented locker is not on ground level, it may make for a long walk from your car to the locker to load and unload your vehicle. If you have a lot to store, it may also mean multiple trips to the storage locker.

Moving containers make renovating easyEasy for Renovating

Making room and keeping furniture and valuables safe during a renovation can be challenging. Do you leave everything in place and work around them, or do you move everything into storage?

Moving and storage containers give you the flexibility to move items out of the way and clear space. This will make for easy site access during a renovation project.

Once the container is delivered to your home, simply move what you need to into the container. You can do this all at once, or move in stages as your renovation takes shape.

Containers can remain onsite at your home for easy instant access, or collected and driven to the storage centre for safe and out of the way storage. If you opt to send the container to the storage center, you can easily still access your possessions when they are offsite.

The container can also provide a weather resistant, safe and secure storage solution for tools and materials needed for your renovation.

Moving and storage containers come in 3 sizes to make life easy


So, if you’re looking for the easiest way to move or store your possessions, and you want control over a flexible service, simply visit our website.

PODS moving containers come in 3 sizes, suitable for the smallest or biggest moving job.

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