Interstate Moving: Find the Right Sized Storage

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Are you in the depths of planning an interstate move? We understand that it can be equally stressful as it is exciting.

Between managing packing, storing and moving, it can be a headache and a half. When you tackle your interstate move with PODS®, we remove the hassles and bothers from the moving process.

Finding the right-sized storage for your precious belongings ensures that they will be safely stowed away until you’re ready to unpack them in your new location. Running out of storage or overpaying for excess room can be a point of stress during the interstate moving process. By taking the steps to find the right storage size for you, you can move yourself, your family or your business with ease and safety.

Why move interstate with PODS?

When moving interstate, there are many options for moving, packing and storing to choose from. If you’re planning on moving furniture interstate, storage containers transported by interstate PODS Preferred Packing Partners are the most common choice.

PODS moving containers are by far the easiest way to take care of your interstate move. Here’s why.

1. PODS is a handy two-in-one solution to your storage and moving needs – pack, move and store with only one point of contact. No matter if you’re after an immediate pack-and-go solution or are slowly tackling your move and require longer-term storage, we will accommodate you.

2. No pressure of deadlines – we understand that the last thing you need while moving is yet another deadline to worry about. When you move with PODS, we offer complete flexibility to meet your unique timeline.

3. We take care of transportation – if the thought of doing a long-haul drive with your life’s belongings in tow terrifies you, you’re not the only one! Our experienced and fully certified drivers will safely deliver your container from A to B, saving you time and rental truck money.

4. We’re gentle with your belongings – The PODZILLA™ secure hydraulic lift system picks up your PODS container horizontally to minimise shifting of contents during delivery and transport. Our secure level-loading system safeguards your items from tilting in transit so that they arrive in the best condition possible.

5. Wherever you’re off to, we know the way – PODS has Storage Centres in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Adelaide. If you’re moving interstate in Australia, we can help.

Exactly how much can a PODS container hold?

PODS containers are sturdy structures! Each PODS container is rated to hold 3.5 tonnes and much more when stacked in one of our secure Storage Centres. They are made up of a steel frame, specially developed aluminium skin panels and a lightweight steel rollup door for no-sweat access.

Because our containers are spaciously designed, they are incredibly easy to access and load and unload to get the most out of your money. Larger household items such as tables, couches and mattresses will usually take up some space without adding much weight.

For customers who are looking to store and move less bulky items such as book collections or tools, you might not take up all of the available space and instead secure your items in a portion of your container.

 Finding the best size storage for you

If you’re wondering precisely what size PODS container you’ll need for your interstate move, here’s how to figure it out. PODS containers come in two simple sizes – small and large. Whether you’re uprooting your sizeable family home or one-person unit, we will find your ideal storage size.

Here are the exact measurements of each container size:

  • Small: length 2.1m, width 2.1m, height 2.4m and volume of 10.5m3. Best for a studio or 1-bedroom apartment.
  • Large: length 4.8m, width 2.4m, height 2.4m and volume of 26m3. Best for a 3-bedroom apartment or house.

If you require more guidance, our nifty storage space estimator is designed to easily estimate how much storage space you’ll need. Simply fill in the number of items you are requiring to store and the calculator will take care of the rest!

Move interstate with complete confidence

Regardless of the size of your PODS container, you can rely on PODS for the utmost care with your cherished possessions. All containers are safe and secure, ambient with natural light, ventilated and weather-resistant, stabilised by steel framing and carefully unloaded at ground level. If your move goes pear-shaped due to Covid restrictions, PODS will keep your belongings safely in storage waiting for when you can relocate safely.

If you’re unsure about the size you require for your interstate move, please contact our friendly Customer Care Team.

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    Do you transport a pod from Toowoomba to Hobart?

    • Lisa Brown

      Hi Sheryl,
      Thanks for reaching out, we don’t visit Hobart, I do however know Chess Removals do service the Hobart area, and I can personally recommend them.

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