5 Environmentally-Friendly Moving Tips for Budding Eco Movers

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Did you know that the energy used in an average home move is enough to power an LED light bulb full-time for over a year?

It’s true – whilst a necessity for many of us, moving house isn’t great for the environment. However, if you want to get from A to B in the most sustainable way, listen up – because we’ve got some tips you don’t want to miss out on.

Read on to discover PODS® top 5 tips to help eco movers like you secure a low-stress, environmentally-friendly move at an affordable price.


When knee-deep in the packing process, it can be tempting to grab a black bag (or 4) and throw it all in the bin.

That’s not doing the environment any favours at all. Remember, an eco mover — one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.


So, separate your unwanted items into 2 piles:

a) You don’t want it, but someone could

Clothes you’ve grown out of, a wardrobe that doesn’t fit up your new stairs, a TV that’s feeling its age – those items are begging to be sold on.

Stop by your local charity shop and get your good deed for the day done, or list your items for sales on Facebook Marketplace, DePop or Gumtree!

b) Totally unsalvageable

We’re looking at you, magazine hoarders. If you’re moving house, now’s the perfect time to part ways with items like unnecessarily held-onto magazines and mothballed rugs.

However, avoid that black bag at all costs.

Even if you don’t want them, don’t let them go to waste. Recycling depots will welcome your unwanted extras with open arms and ensure they’re disposed of responsibly.



We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again — the black bag is the enemy of eco movers! With a bit of extra effort, you can do the environment a solid — and maybe even make your move a bit easier, too.

Eco moving boxes vs black bag

The eco moving box:

  • Easy to pack
  • Secure
  • Stackable (like Tetris – come on, make it fun)
  • Simple to mark contents

The dreaded non-eco mover’s black bag:

  • No way of knowing contents
  • Damage can happen easily
  • Not recyclable or all that reusable

Plus, there’s always a risk you’ll accidentally throw out a bag of your belongings – we’d hate to see that happen! With your eco moving boxes, you can clearly mark the contents on the exterior to help you keep track of what’s what.



Some things need to be bought new. Most things don’t. By buying second-hand, you’re not only saving money – you’re also crushing your environmental footprint by avoiding a pollution-filled production process! You would be astonished by the amount of furniture we send to landfills each year that could easily be reused. So, before hitting the shops, browse online marketplaces and see if you can bag (not a black bag*) a bargain that does the environment a solid, too!

* For eco moving boxes, look no further than cardboard.

Since cardboard boxes are reusable — and not all that useful after a move — people will give them away. All it takes is a little extra effort, and you’ll land the satisfaction of both helping the planet and saving a little cash. Nice!



Got a mate with a gas-guzzling truck? You’re about to be the first person in history not to ask for his help with moving. Sadly, your traditional moving company isn’t likely to stack up much better, as they’re often reliant on fossil fuels. If you’re after eco removals, it’s worth looking into things a little further. Before you book, check out their environmental policy and see what they’re doing to reduce their carbon footprint. If they’re an eco removals firm, they’ll clearly list the steps they take to avoid unnecessary pollution.



Need to double back for a second load? Your carbon footprint just doubled. As a budding eco mover, you need to make the most out of every trip. This is where PODS comes in. If you need to get your belongings from A to B but want to remain environmentally conscious, we’ve got you covered.


Why PODS is your best choice for eco removals

At PODS, our focus isn’t just on making your move seamless and stress-free (although it’s definitely important to us!)  — we also care about our planet.

That’s why our delivery trucks, PODZILLA’s, are uniquely designed to carry as much (or as little) as you need.


The PODS eco removals process couldn’t be easier, too.

1. Choose your container size

Small — enough to comfortably fit a 1-bed apartment. Or large — enough to comfortably fit a 3-bed house.

2. Book & pack

Confirm the date you want us to be there to drop your containers off, and pack them at your own pace using your eco moving boxes.

3. Move time

Let us know when you’re done, and one of our friendly PODZILLA drivers will pick up your container and deliver it to your new address!


Got moving to do? Let’s make it happen.

Plan your move with Australia’s most trusted eco removals company. Get your no-obligation quote in under a minute now.


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