Moving Offices? Read These 6 Tips First

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Here’s the hard truth – office relocation isn’t always an easy task. If getting the desks, chairs and everything through the doors in the first place was a struggle, we’re willing to bet you’re not thrilled by the idea of doing everything in reverse.

Don’t worry, though — PODS® to the rescue! If you got yourself in there, you can get yourself out. Read on to discover 6 tips that are guaranteed to transform your office relocation anxiety into one smooth move.


1)  Plan, plan, plan

We’ll say it again – plan! Moving an entire office is a big deal and if problems crop up, they’re going to cost you time and money. To stop unexpected issues from arising, you need

to plan well in advance.

We’re not talking a week or two, here. From experience, you want to allow 4-6 months for planning to give yourself enough time to cover all bases.

Some key points to consider in your plan are:

  • What’s coming and what’s staying? If you’re leaving anything behind, be sure to find a good home for it.
  • Where will everything go? Work out the layout of your new office to stop your staff from scratching their heads once you arrive.
  • Which office removalists will you use? Office movers book up quickly, so be sure to check this one off the list early on.

Having a clear plan is key to achieving your office moving objectives, so get to work and make it happen!\


2) Don’t surprise your staff

Nobody likes unpleasant surprises – especially when they involve serious workplace disruption. As a result, it’s important to keep your staff in the loop when moving offices so they can plan their activity around the big move, too.

You can even use the strength of your team to your advantage – literally. Give them a little notice and ask them to block out a day in their calendars. There you go – you’ve procured a team of office movers and got the job done 10x as fast!


3) Rearrange meetings and deadlines

As moving day draws closer, make sure it’s not a date people can forget. Set calendar alerts to remind everyone, raise it in company meetings, and advise team members to avoid booking meetings around the big day.

All this upheaval is bound to add a little stress to your staff’s plates, so consider rearranging deadlines too to cut them some additional slack!


4) Create a layout chart

As we mentioned earlier, getting from A to B is only half the battle. Once you’re there, you’re going to need to know where everything goes.

Don’t burn time by overcomplicating things – create a layout chart for your new office that defines where each team — and each team member — will go.

Assign each spot a number, and ask each team member to stick that number onto their desk, computer and any boxes they’ve packed. Simple!


5) Save on expenses wherever possible

Got staff who commute by car? Cut down on the cost of office removalists and ask them to load up instead!

Just be sure your insurance covers it – we don’t want you picking up the bill for any dropped boxes. All PODS Preferred Packing Partners offer full insurance, giving you the peace of mind, you need.


6) Choose PODS Preferred Packers

On that note, we don’t want you footing the bill for any boxes your removals firm drops, either. Always opt PODS Preferred Packers, as everyone we work with offers full insurance.

When taking on a big task like a total office move, the added peace of mind you’ll get from working with well-established removalists — like PODS Preferred Packers — will go a long way to keeping your move as smooth as possible.



Looking for a professional, fully-insured office removals firm? PODS has got you covered. From local to interstate, we can help you get your office contents from A to B on your terms.

Find out what it costs in just a few minutes. Reach out now to get your free, no-obligation quote.

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