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Worried about the fate of your beloved belongings during a big move? Larger journeys such as an interstate move can cause stress regarding the safety of your items. Luckily, PODS® are here to help.

Although moving can be an exciting time in our lives, the prospect of bundling up our possessions and sending them off on their merry way can cause anxiety. We often hold emotional connections to our homewares and heirlooms, and for good reason. They are usually connected to cherished memories, travels and loved ones. That’s why it’s so important to take measures to keep them as safe as possible during a big move.

The good news is – with careful planning and the support of a secure moving system, you can tackle an interstate move with ease. PODS storage containers offer optimum security compared to other lockable storage box options.

Whether you’re uprooting to Hervey Bay in QLD or as far as the Capital of Canberra, here’s what to take into consideration for a safe and secure move.

Store items away before the move

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that planning ahead always makes a move run smoother.

Storing away the bulk of your possessions before the big day means that there’s a lot less to worry about organising. Trust us, there will be enough to juggle on d-day. Pop any non-essential items and precious belongings safely into your secure storage container a good week or few days before the move takes place.

Warning – be sure to consider what you’ll need on you during move day! You don’t want to be rustling through your storage container searching for important paperwork or items. So, make a list of what you’ll need on hand and keep it close by.

Why PODS is your safest moving buddy

While moving with PODS, you can rest assured that your things are safe and well out of harm’s way. Between moves, your PODS container will be securely stowed away in one of our local Storage Centres and delivered to your new location when you need it.

Here are the top 4 ways that our storage containers make moving trouble-free and safer for you.

1. We make moving less stressful

Whether you’re moving solo, with your family or with your business, we will reduce the headaches involved in the moving process. PODS allow you to take your time and handle your possessions with care instead of a rushed job. Basically – less frantic packing and breaking incidents.

We give you all the time you need to load your items into your container and unpack them into your new home.

With Storage Centres in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, we can easily facilitate your Australian interstate move. No matter if your move takes weeks or months, we’ve got you sorted.

2. Your items are locked and loaded

For your peace of mind, only you will have the key to your PODS storage container. Right from loading up your storage container to unpacking in your new abode, the safety of your stuff will be well taken care of.

While in one of our PODS Storage Centers, your container is safely guarded by our sophisticated security systems. During transit, our PODS delivery trucks are equipped with a patented lift system that minimises content movement for optimal protection.

3. Reduced risks

There are a few routes that you could go down to get your belongings from point A to point B, however, PODS is by far the easiest and most secure.

Moving containers and traditional interstate removalist services tend to hold the threat of lack of security and risk of damaged belongings. With your PODS container, you’ll find your stored items exactly as you left them as opposed to other lockable storage box options.

Because there is no meddling or unloading of your items between locations, there is a reduced risk of loss and damages to your precious possessions. To add an even heftier layer of protection, our containers are weather resistant – so no nasty surprises.

4. Enjoy Contents Protection Cover

Sit back and let the soothing reassurance of Contents Protection Cover sink in. PODS offers Contents Protection Cover for the additional comfort that your belongings are being completely safeguarded (see T&Cs).

Once your journey is booked with one of the PODS team, simply complete our online Contents Protection Cover form and enjoy total protection in a few easy steps.

Store your belongings in safe hands

PODS interstate moving containers are your smart, safe solution to moving interstate or locally. Made from a specially designed steel frame and aluminium skin panels, they will house and protect your treasured items like nothing else can.

If you’re moving interstate in Australia, PODS will guard your things and deliver them in top-notch condition to Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales or South Australia.

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