Value-Maximising Interstate Moving Tips

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Alongside all the excitement of moving interstate, there comes a number of challenges with organising the move. These struggles are often associated with extra costs that can add up significantly if you are not adequately prepared. This is where PODS® is here to help. The team at PODS are well aware of the parts of packing that can make it more stressful than it needs to be, and we’re here to assist you in getting from point A to B without breaking the bank.

Making your move as smooth and cost-effective as possible is not only about seeking out the most valuable service, it’s about avoiding unnecessary costs associated with the risks of moving. We have come up with some handy tips to get the most value out of your packing and enjoy a stress-free interstate move.

Know where the extra costs lie and how to avoid them

Packing is usually the most time-consuming part of a big move. The last thing you want is for all your efforts to go to waste if your belongings are not adequately protected. The most economic way to move fragile or big items like furniture interstate is to avoid any breakages that could mean pricey repairs or replacements down the line. PODS not only offers the best value service, but you can rest assured that you are getting the highest protection possible through the PODZILLA system.

PODZILLA is our hydraulic lift system. This detached delivery system allows the placement of containers in tough-to-reach and hard-to-fit locations that roll-off systems simply can’t match. The system minimises the shifting of contents during transport and is mounted onto a local PODS delivery truck, operated by drivers who are specially trained to operate the PODZILLA system and protect the contents in your secure storage container.

Using the PODZILLA system means that you are putting your packing in the right hands. You can avoid unnecessary costs while moving containers interstate without so much as a scratch.

Lighten your load

Departing with belongings is a rite of passage for a big move. Why not maximise this process by selling your unwanted belongings and making a little extra cash in the process. Your trash could be someone else’s treasure, so look to sell any unwanted items on an online marketplace, or to a second-hand shop.

Even if you decide to not sell, sorting out your belongings and decluttering anything that is outdated or not in use can lead to big savings down the road. A smaller load will mean a quicker journey and you may even be able to downsize your moving van. Selling, donating or giving away any unwanted items will reduce the size of your load and ensure that you are finding the cheapest way to move furniture interstate. Remember to itemise any pieces that you donate so you will be eligible for a deduction when it’s tax time.

Tips for getting the most value out of your packing

Packing is an art form, and like all creative endeavours, it takes some work to perfect the final product. An efficient and effective packing process can lead to big savings down the line, and honing this skill can maximise the value of your interstate move. To help you along your way, here are some key steps to nail the packing process and lighten the load:

1. The better the box…

Quality packing boxes are the best option for ensuring your move doesn’t come with any avoidable hiccups. Breakages and injuries can be dodged by investing in boxes with a sturdy bottom that won’t break down or let in moisture. Don’t be tempted to overpack your boxes as this could lead to damaged belongings, instead make sure you invest in sturdy boxes that are the appropriate size.

2. Pack with unpacking in mind

Throwing everything you own into boxes at random may save you time up front, but think of how much time it will cost you to organise your belongings at the other end of your move. Consider colour coding your boxes by room, taking photos of how things were assembled and be detailed with your labelling to make your unpacking process as smooth as possible.

3. Get creative

Repurpose your household items to make the most of your space. Suitcases, laundry baskets, large pots and drawers can all be filled with other items to maximise your packing.

4. Plan, plan, plan

Packing can be extremely time-consuming, so the last thing you want is to be at the brink of your move with nothing ready to go. Put together a thorough moving checklist and start the packing process as early as possible to save time and avoid overpacking. Planning ahead can also mean you don’t need to take extra days off work leading up to the big move.

5. Get all hands on deck

Who needs professional packers when you can put your nearest and dearest to work! Enlist the help of friends and family to save you the cost of a professional team. This can also be an opportunity to offload any unwanted items so you can minimise your load as you go.

6. Store what you don’t need

You may decide that dragging your bigger belongings interstate in moving containers is more trouble (and more money!) than it’s worth. Why not save the effort and rent a storage space. PODS have a number of storage solutions and containers can be picked up directly from your home to be stored securely until you are ready to reunite with your items.

Ask the PODS team for help

If moving is new for you, consulting experts with experience in moving will guide you on your way. PODS Customer Care Representatives are not just here for a transaction, they are able to give you advice and recommendations about what would best suit your needs and can help you get the most value out of your move. The team will not only guide your moving process with valuable advice, but they can give you peace of mind that your moving and storage needs are in the best hands.

Get moving

Whether you’re looking for cheap storage in Brisbane, the cheapest storage in Melbourne or anywhere in between, PODS is here to meet your needs and make sure your interstate move is done in the best way possible.

For your safety and convenience, PODS offers contactless delivery for all services.


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