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Long term storage

Whether you’re moving house, going travelling or simply need a little extra space, long-term storage can be a great way to gain some all-important added flexibility

However, finding a long-term storage company that works around your needs isn’t always easy. From awkward opening times to costly overage fees, the wrong provider can turn your long-term storage into a long-lasting nightmare.

If you’re looking for a firm you can trust, PODS has got you covered. Find out how we measure up against standard storage firms as we walk you through 4 common problems with long-term storage — and how we tackle them head-on.

Long term storage PODSProblem 1: Time-consuming travel to the storage depot

Picture this: It’s time. You’ve finally committed to cleaning out that dust-ridden ceiling space and overgrown garden shed, and you’ve booked some cheap long-term storage to make your life easier. However, with so much stuff destined for your container, how can you get it all to the storage facility?

Standard storage: whether it’s multiple trips back and forth or hiring a removalist firm to handle it for you, standard storage is going to cost you time, money, or maybe even both.

Plus, when you’re ready to sort through your stuff, you’ll have to head back to the depot and do it all over again.

The PODS way: No travel needed! We want to take the stress out of long-term storage, so we’ll drop your container at your door and leave you to pack at your own pace. You can keep it as long (or as little) as you need it, or opt to have it collected and stored at one of our local storage facilities. When you’re ready, we’ll drop it back to you. It couldn’t be easier!

Problem 2: Costly tie-in contracts stacking up your bill

Picture this: You’re renovating your home and are tired of shifting furniture around to get the job done, so you book some long-term furniture storage for a few months to get some extra breathing room. However, you manage to breeze through your renovations and finish up a month early. What happens with your storage?

Long term storage PODS

Standard storage: If you’ve booked 3 months of storage, chances are you’ll have to pay for it. Plus, if the situation is reversed and you find yourself needing storage for a few extra weeks, overage fees could see your long-term storage costs quickly adding up.

The PODS way: Our storage solution is tailored to fit your needs. If you find yourself needing a little more – or a little less – storage time with us, just let us know. You can change the length of your booking with us at any time, meaning you’ll only pay for the storage time you’re after.


Problem 3: Paying for more container than you need

Picture this: You’re moving interstate, but you haven’t used storage before and aren’t sure of what size interstate moving container you’ll need. Is there any room for flexibility?

Standard storage: You may be tied to one standard storage size, which could see you paying for excess space you don’t need.

Long term storage PODSThe PODS way: We know one size definitely doesn’t fit all, which is why we offer flexibility that works for you. With two different sizes of storage containers tailored to everything from studio apartments to 3-bedroom houses, our storage is designed to fit your needs.


Problem 4: Being tied down to one location

Picture this: You’ve done all the planning, and it’s finally happening – you’re going travelling for a year. You rent out your apartment in Melbourne whilst you’re gone, moving most of your belongings into storage. However, after 9 months on the road, you’re loving life in Brisbane and realise you want to settle there. The problem? Your life is in a standard storage shed back in Melbourne. What happens?

Standard storage: If you booked long-term storage in Melbourne — but now need long-term storage in Brisbane — you’ve either got to head back there yourself and convoy your stuff up or pay the costly price of interstate container shipping.

The PODS way: We’ll move with you! If you’ve booked storage with us and realise you need your container in another city, we’ll get it over to you. You can either have it delivered to your door ready for unpacking or stored at a local facility so it’s there when you need it. The choice is yours!


Take the stress out of your long-term storage

From storing to moving and even help with packing, PODS can handle it all. Get your free, no-obligation personalised quote now.


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