PODS Sponsors Jill and Jill sawing event since 2011

AUSPODS is a proud sponsor of the Jill and Jill Double Underhand Sawing event at the Royal Adelaide Show. Congratulations Team Queensland for taking out the 2016 Title!

Jill and Jill events started in the late 1990s when Kaz Computer Services showed interest in female events. They gave the Woodcutting Section $20000 to hold Ladies events.

The first challenge was to find the ladies to enter; then to grow the profile and popularity of the event.

The Committee contacted every Jill sawyer they knew in Australia and invited them to become part of an historical event.

12 Ladies entered – and from there they programmed Jill and Jill Sawing and Jill Underhand Chopping.

Interest and enthusiasm has increased to 22 ladies competing in heats and finals in 2016. Success has grown so that every three years teams from the United States and New Zealand are invited to compete in a three Test Series Match.

The Series comprises a Jill Underhand Chop, Jill and Jill Sawing, Jill singlehanded sawing, another Jill and Jill Underhand Sawing and finishes with another Underhand Chop. These are all very hotly contested.

The three Test Series Match is now a recognised International Event with the formation of an Australian Ladies Team, next competing in 2019, at The Royal Adelaide Show for the fifth time.

To watch these ladies in action is incredible. The events are also held at other State Shows, so if you’re not in Adelaide for next year’s show, please try to get along to see the events in your own capital city.

AUSPODS first sponsored the Jill and Jill Double Underhand Sawing event in 2011, and have proudly been a part of this event at the Royal Adelaide Show ever since.

Want to see these ladies in action? Have a look at the video below from the 2015 Royal Hobart Show.

PODS Sponsored 2016 Double Handed Sawing Handicap Final

Jill and Jill 375mm Sawing Handicap Final Hobart Show 2015

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