How to Move House Without The Stress: The Easiest Way to Move

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All those who’ve ever undertaken a house move will agree that it’s one of the most stressful and challenging events. In fact, aside from the death of a loved one and divorce, University Hospitals lists moving as the third most stressful life event. A poll by The Telegraph also indicates that moving house is more triggering than relationship breakdowns or starting a new job. Closer to home, the results of a recent ING survey also back this up and show that over half of Aussie movers were frustrated with the process of moving, with over a quarter of these saying that broken items were what got them riled up the most.

So, all the experts agree — moving house isn’t fun; it’s stressful, emotionally and physically draining and often brings forth a lot of anxiety too. At PODS, we’re all about making this overwhelming process as easy and stress-free as humanly possible during every stage of the process, from packing the first box of old sheets to unpacking the last box of precious valuables in your new abode. Along with our patented PODZILLA system to keep your belongings levelled and safe while they’re being moved, our Preferred Packing Partners makes it easier than ever to the whole moving process to the experts.

Interested in how our Preferred Packing Partners make moving easy?

It’s no industry secret that not all moving companies are equal. We have all heard horror story after horror story of questionable removalist companies doing questionable jobs. Whether they broke a priceless vase, lost a family heirloom or scratched up a brand-new velvet couch, choosing the right packing and loading service is crucial to a stress-free move.

Our PODS Preferred Packing Partners are the best in the biz and can guarantee a perfect move every time, so you put your feet up knowing your PODS container is packed by the experts.

The process of moving house inherently involved coping with a lot of change, it represents a transition in life and a disruption of your familiarity, routine and order. Along with this comes the anxious thoughts of potentially having some of your belongings lost or broken, plus the time and physical energy investment required to pack all your belongings yourself. PODS takes as much of this stress away as possible and can support you through every stage of the packing and moving process. Whether you want to be lying down sipping a Pina Colada and leave everything to the experts, or you like the control of being involved in the packing process (and maybe just need a hand with the heavy boxes), our Packing Partners are there for you.

By skipping the packing an opting for one of our Preferred Packing Partners instead, you’re cutting out a big chunk of the moving process itself, and therefore cutting out a bunch of the stress and anxiety that usually accompanies this process. We know there’s a lot more involved in moving house than just packing and unpacking. For everything else, follow our top 3 tips for a stress-free move to make things as easy as possible.


1.   Organise as much as you can, as early as you can

While this may seem obvious, being organised is key to an easy, stress-free move. Start at least three weeks before by decluttering your space and sorting anything that you don’t want to come with you on the move into three piles; bin, sell or donate.

2.   Make sure you’ve got adequate packing supplies

PODS can help you with this one! We offer a range of boxes and packing supplies like packing tape, bubble wrap and butchers paper which can be easily delivered alongside your POD.

3.   Take your time and don’t panic

It may sound like cliché advice but follow the instructions on the front of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and DON’T PANIC. Rushing through a move is one sure-fire way to make it more stressful, so instead, opt to take your time. A great way to do this is by hiring your POD a week before moving day, so you can slowing get all your boxes together and sorted ready for the big move.


Help your move to go as smoothly as possible by working with a company who gets it. Use our calculator to get your personalised PODS moving quote now.

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