PODS Going Above and Beyond! The Steps We’re Taking During COVID-19

 In General

pods-are-still-open-bannerWith current COVID-19 social distancing regulations, getting to and from self-storage facilities to access your belongings is even less convenient than before.

Rest assured, we’re taking every possible precaution to keep our Portable On-Demand Storage service as safe, clean and convenient as possible, both for our staff and our valued customers. For us, service continues as normal, with the addition of 7 new safety measures in place:


1. Increased social distance

Australian government regulations stipulate that people must stay more than 2m away from each other. To ensure things are kept extra safe, we’ve set a company-wide rule of 5m, three more than the government suggestion.

This isn’t just for our team of hard-working drivers who interact with customers, but also for all of our operations team during any time in our warehouses.

To support our social distancing efforts, we also ask that you do not meet and greet your driver on arrival. Our drivers will call you 30 minutes prior to the delivery, at which you can discuss any issues with placement that you might have.


2. All staff working from home

We care about the safety and security of our loyal team, and that’s why we’ve made the decision to allow all office-based staff to work from home for the full duration of COVID-19.


3. Gloves, sanitisers and frequent hand washing

All staff on-hand at our PODS facilities and all drivers delivering and collecting containers will be taking all necessary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to keep our customers safe.

This includes wearing and regularly changing gloves, using hand sanitisers after any external contact, and frequent 20-second hand washing to prevent the spread of the virus.


4. Disinfecting high traffic areas on our containers

Although there has been little evidence to suggest that COVID-19 can survive on surface for long periods of time, we want our customers to feel completely confident and safe when using our service.

To facilitate this, all containers will be thoroughly disinfected prior to delivery for your safety. We would also encourage you to self-disinfect the PODS® Containers yourself, to reduce any further risks.


5. Isolated customer access points

If you’re heading into one of our storage facilities, you don’t have to worry about close contact with any nearby neighbours. Your access point has been strategically positioned to comply with all government-suggested distancing measures.


6. Information on delivery procedures when booking

You deserve to have a plan before booking, and that’s why we’ll update you on any additional delivery procedures our drivers are following, including the 5m rule, before you book.

We’re a contactless delivery and pick-up service, but please note that some deliveries may be delayed due to the increased precautions being taken. We appreciate your patience during these times.


7. Careful staff monitoring

We’ve deployed a detailed staff monitoring system whereby anyone who presents symptoms of any illness is immediately referred to a doctor and won’t return to work until 48 hours after that doctor has given them full medical clearance.


Got a question about our operations or your delivery?
Get in touch with our customer service team on 1800 467 637, anytime Monday to Friday 8:00am–5:00pm AEST.



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