Moving Out for the First Time? You Need This Checklist

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Moving Out For The First Time
It’s no secret that moving out for the first time can be both exciting and daunting in equal measures. From figuring out what to pack, what to leave behind and planning how to get your belongings from A to B, it’s easy to see why so many first-time movers find the process stressful.

We at PODS® have created this handy checklist to help you work through your first big move, leave stress at the door and get you through it as efficiently as possible. Read on and discover the essential points you need to consider.


The first items you pack are the hardest. Follow these steps and keep your packing process simple.

1) Scope out the task at hand — and gather packing supplies

Don’t pile your things into plastic bags. Nobody wants you to be that person. Your first step is to scope out the task at hand. How much stuff you exactly have?

Once you’ve created a rough list, stock up on boxes and packing supplies. Unsure where to find them? PODS offers boxes in every size, along with packing supplies that can be delivered right to your door to protect all your stuff. After all, no one wants to unpack on their first night in a new bachelor/bachelorette pad just to discover all the champagne glasses you were about to cheers with were smashed in the move.

How to move out for the first time


2) Plan around the space you’ll have

What’s going to be making the big move with you? What’s going to be left behind? Are you able to keep stuff at your parents’ house, or does everything have to go? How much space does your new place have?

Answer these questions and you’ll save yourself under or over-packing. This is important to do because the last thing you want is to re-enact that infamous scene from Friends and start screaming ‘PIVOT’ at your mates in the stairwell just to find out your mattress doesn’t fit in your new bedroom.

So, before the big move, work out what will fit and what won’t, and maybe even let space be one of the deciding factors in your first-home hunt.

Moving Out Start with Clothes3) Start with the non-essentials

The general rule of thumb is to start with the non-essentials. You don’t want to head to your room after a long day of packing to find a dust print where your bed used to be. Clothes are a great place to start, and furniture is the best place to finish. Empty out your drawers and closet, being careful to leave a few outfits out, and pack them into vacuum-seal bags.


4) Label, label, label

We can’t say this enough — label your boxes! You’ll thank us later when you arrive at your new place and don’t have to search through twelve boxes to find your toothbrush. When packing your boxes, make sure you label the sides with the contents of each box.



At PODS, we want to remove the stress from your move. That’s why, from flexible timeframes to unlimited storage, we offer a number of benefits designed to make your move easy. Plus, it won’t break the bank! Renting a small PODS® container starts from just $145 per month. Use our calculator to get your personalised PODS moving quote now.


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How to move out for the first time