Does your home insurance cover your storage unit

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Even with the highest technology installed in self-storage facilities, break-ins are still a problem. It has always been around and you just might not avoid it. Not that we think your unit would be robbed, it’s just that disasters like this happens and you have to be ready for these instances.

Your home insurance policies should be on top of your priority when thinking about these kinds of situations. In preparation, make sure that your home insurance policy covers your self-storage unit in case a break-in occurs or a disaster damages your items stored in it. There are some home insurance units that cover self-storage unit but then there are some who doesn’t. If your home insurance doesn’t cover your self-storage unit, you might want to discuss any insurance coverage that your self-storage company provides. There are some self-storage plans that include coverage for certain situations such as break-in, disaster and company caused damage to your items.


If your home insurance does cover it, look into the fine details. How long would it cover it, how much would it cover and for which kinds of disasters would it cover your self-storage unit. Take into account any possibilities especially if you store items in your self-storage that has significance to you. You don’t want them to be ruined and not to be compensated for it. We don’t have control on such events and they do happen, you dot want to be caught off-guard and be lost uncompensated for any damage that has occurred to your items. People tend to settle for anything that they can get their hands on especially when they are in a desperate situation. Self-storage units can be vulnerable to people who are in desperate need. Keep your items secured and well protected all the time.

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